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Alyssa Zeisler

R&D Editor, The Wall Street Journal

Women in media, Digital media, Journalism, Emerging technology in news, Gender gap in news, Artificial Intelligence


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Audience demand, together with changes we are already seeing in journalism as it is taught and practiced, and the need of media companies to engage new audiences will extend service journalism to new verticals in 2019.

Investigating relationships between women's news production and consumption

by Alyssa Zeisler

Published by Media Impact Project


Alyssa Zeisler is currently R&D Editor at The Wall Street Journal, responsible for expanding the newsroom’s use of artificial intelligence and automation technologies. Before this, she was Audience Managing Editor at Barron's, where she established and led the editorial development team, created several new editorial products (including the award winning Review & Preview newsletter), and helped Barron’s achieve record audience and subscription numbers.

Previously, Zeisler was the engagement strategist at the Financial Times, where she spearheaded the use of data in the newsroom (leading to her recognition by MediaShift as a Top 20 Leader in Media Metrics), developed systematic and multidisciplinary strategies to grow reach and engagement, and helped usher in unprecedented collaboration across business units. One of the initiatives she is most proud of is her work on the the Women’s Working Group, a cross-functional unit tasked with increasing diversity both within the FT and among FT readers.

Zeisler was a founding member of the FT’s audience engagement and communities teams—both tasked with evolving the company digitally and creating a customer-centric culture. She began at the FT in the communications department, where she gained valuable insight into how the different parts of a media company work together. She has a M.Sc. in Management from London Business School and a B.A. with distinction in Psychology and Economics from McGill University.


  • Women in media
  • Digital media
  • Journalism
  • Emerging technology in news
  • Gender gap in news
  • Adapting coverage to include more women


  • London Business School
  • McGill
    Psychology, Economics

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