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Shannon Pestun

Founder and CEO, Pestun Consulting Inc.

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SheInnovates - a UN Women pilot Initiative

As part of the UN Women’s strategy to develop the innovation market to work better for women and to accelerate gender equality, we have been tasked to pilot the first global #SHEInnovatesAlberta chapter in Alberta. We are celebrating women entrepreneurs and innovators, starting with five Alberta women who have been chosen by the UN, followed by a diverse range of Alberta women who are working to solve complex challenges in our province.

Breaking Barriers for Women's Entrepreneurship

Shannon discusses how barriers are being broken to enhance the opportunities for women leaders to grow their businesses

Reimagining women's entrepreneurship

We recently sat down with Shannon Pestun, ATB’s Director, Women’s Entrepreneurship, to discuss the barriers women face when it comes to accessing capital, the future of banking for women, and how our entrepreneurial landscape is changing in Alberta.

Women's Entrepreneurship Day 2018

Global TV, November 19, 2018Television


Women’s Entrepreneurship Day
Mon, Nov 19: Shannon Pestun, ATB’s director of women entrepreneurship and Manjit Minhas, entrepreneur, join Global News Morning Calgary to talk about the challenges women entrepreneurs face and how they can access more resources.

Women's Entrepreneurship Day 2019

CTV Calgary, November 14, 2019Television


First-ever Women's Entrepreneurship Day Summit held in Calgary.
Shannon Pestun interview alongside the Canadian Ambassador for Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Denton's - Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship Podcast Episode 14: Disruption in the capital markets through diversity

Denton's, November 6, 2020Radio/Podcast


November 6, 2020
Join Heather Barnhouse, partner in our Edmonton office, as she explores women in leadership and entrepreneurship, and the ecosystem that supports them. In episode 14, Heather chats with Shannon Pestun, founder and CEO of Pestun Consulting Inc., about the importance of disruption in the capital markets for the benefit of women entrepreneurs.

Prior to starting her own consulting company, Shannon was Director of the Women’s Entrepreneurship program at ATB Financial, where she led the program in creating more opportunities for women entrepreneurs by addressing the core financial capital challenges they faced as entrepreneurs. Shannon currently sits on numerous boards including Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WED) in Canada, a grassroots mission to alleviate poverty by empowering, celebrating and supporting women in business worldwide.

WED is hosting their Women’s Entrepreneurship Day virtual summit on November 19, 2020 between 2pm – 4pm EST. You can find out more information at

Economic transformation and Gender Intelligence - Collisions YYC podcast

, November 20, 2019Radio/Podcast


“The female economy and understanding its power is a very important conversation no matter who you are.”
— SHANNON PESTUN - 00:46:19

Join me as I chat with Shannon Pestun, Director of Women’s Entrepreneurship at ATB Financial, Business and Agriculture.

Shannon brings the notion of gender intelligence to the conversation of economic transformation, specifically on the entrepreneurial potential of women in Calgary. Having noticed the imbalance in opportunities given to male and female entrepreneurs, Shannon became a champion for women to reach their full economic potential, never shying away from asking tough questions in the company of male business leaders. Shannon also shines a light on areas outside of technology that she calls “the main street”, and the importance of shaping a clear way forward for new entrepreneurs and small businesses so they can be a part of Calgary’s economic transformation.

ATB Financial, February 6, 2019Radio/Podcast


“When it comes to entrepreneurship, the one difference that I see is that women tend to start businesses because they are passionate about something. So there is a social change element or some type of change that women are trying to incorporate into their businesses” – Shannon Pestun

This is the final episode in a four-part series on entrepreneurs, the challenges they face and how to help them succeed. We take a look at women entrepreneurs in this episode and talk with women’s entrepreneurship expert Shannon Pestun.

Subscribe to Perch, the Podcast where where we listen to Albertans, dig into what’s happening in Alberta’s economy and explore ideas on how to keep our province a prosperous place.

Opinion: Supporting women entrepreneurs is crucial to Alberta's economy

Canadian government commits $15 Million in COVID-19 support for women entrepreneurs

Article-throw your marketing plan out the window in times of crisis


Shannon Pestun is the Founder & CEO of Pestun Consulting Inc., an Indigenous-owned, purpose-driven, consulting company that focuses on the advancement of women’s entrepreneurship in Canada.

A former business banker, Shannon brought women’s entrepreneurship to the forefront of ATB Financial, creating and leading the bank’s first dedicated strategy for women entrepreneurs. A recognized leader in women's entrepreneurship, Shannon was one of seven women appointed to the Government of Canada’s first Women’s Entrepreneurship Expert Panel where she advised on a range of issues, including identifying and providing options to solve gaps in services and supports available to women entrepreneurs in Canada. Prior to her 10-year banking career, she worked as a strategic marketing and communications professional at a leadership level.

Through her consulting company, Shannon works as a Senior Adviser, Business and Finance for the Women’s Entrepreneurship knowledge Hub where she is helping to map out Canada’s financial ecosystem and build programming that increases women’s access to financial, social and entrepreneurial capital. She also works directly with women entrepreneurs providing coaching and small business consulting services.

Shannon is a recognized voice on women’s entrepreneurship, and has been featured at business conferences, on podcasts, business magazines and both broadcast and online media.

Shannon’s commitment to advocating for women’s economic empowerment has been widely recognized. In 2007, she was nominated for the Canadian Women in Communications “Mentor of the Year” award for creating a mentorship program for women in communications. In 2019, Shannon was recognized as a SHEInnovator, by SHEInnovates Alberta - a pilot chapter for UN Women. That same year she was a finalist for the Diversity Ambassador of the Year Award for the Women in Finance Awards - Canada.

Shannon is an active contributor and volunteer. She is the Co-Chair, Board of Directors for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) Canada and an appointed member on the Board of Governors at Mount Royal University.

Shannon lives in Calgary, AB.


SheInnovator | Professional

As part of the UN Women’s strategy to develop the innovation market to work better for women and to accelerate gender equality, SheInnovates Alberta was tasked to pilot the first global #SHEInnovatesAlberta chapter in Alberta. SheInnovates AB celebrates women entrepreneurs and innovators in Alberta who are working to solve complex challenges in our province.


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