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Lakshmi Baskaran

Vice-President of Engineering, SEDNA Systems

If you are looking for a guest to speak about
- Technology (Startup, Tech Entrepreneurship, Product Development)
- Tech Leadership
- Women Empowerment
- Diversity and Inclusion
- Culture
Please email me at or send me a text on +1 6478285693 (Canada). I am available to speak on a short notice.


Spoke in DevOps Days Chicago about how to build an organization culture in tech companies with a focus on improving team efficiency.

CJAD Montreal, May 15, 2020Radio/Podcast

I was interviewed by CJAD Montreal on how companies can support employees while they work remote.
We discussed about the following:
1. How has remote working helped increase the productivity of organization.
2. How can managers be empathetic about the needs of employees when they work from home?
3. Tips for employees to balance work and remote.

CJAD Montreal, June 20, 2020Radio/Podcast

I was interviewed by CJAD Montreal to discuss about the measures companies should adopt to encourage diversity in Tech.
Here is what we discussed about:
1. Why is the tech space not very diverse?
2. How to increase diversity in tech in short, medium and long term.
3. What should companies do to hire and retain BIPOC employees.

Note: The audio is too big to upload. For Journalists, I recommend reaching out to me on email and I will share a recording of my interview with CJAD.



In this podcast interview, we discuss variety of topics including technology, productivity enhancing tools and women empowerment. I also speak about how I structure my typical work day. I share my insights on what I missed growing up and what I tell my younger self.


Lakshmi Baskaran is a corporate leader, entrepreneur, and a doting mother. Throughout her career, she has built and managed high performing engineering teams for established corporations and startups alike. She is a global leader and has spent the last two decades of her career working in senior executive roles in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Baskaran is currently the VP of Engineering at Sedna Systems, a multi national company with offices in Vancouver, UK and Singapore. She is managing her global teams from her home office in Toronto. She enjoys spending time with her teams when she travels to meet them at SEDNA's various offices.

Baskaran participates and leads initiatives to champion Women in Tech. She speaks in tech conferences and participates in tech panels. She is interviewed by podcasters and radio channels to speak about Tech, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. She also writes in Medium about Tech and Leadership


  • Mentorship
  • Women supporting Women
  • Self Improvement
  • Mental Health
  • Computer Science
  • Women in Leadership
  • DevOps
  • Leadership
  • Technology
  • Tech leadership
  • Women in Technology
  • Women empowerment in technology
  • Entrepreneurship, Engineering
  • Coding
  • Software development

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