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Anita Li

Media consultant and journalism instructor, The Other Wave

Journalism, Media, Digital media, Canadian media, Journalism innovation, Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI), Innovation, Ethics, Community, Community-driven journalism, Media business models, Journalism entrepreneurship, Audience engagement, Misinformation and disinformation, Media and democracy


The Walrus Talks at Home: News & Platforms - Innovation, impact, and access in a digital world

The Walrus Talks at Home: News & Platforms discussed innovation, impact, and access in a digital world. The event took place September 23, 2021, and it featured: Emilee Gilpin (Managing Editor, IndigiNews); Brian Myles (Editor, Le Devoir); Anita Li (Journalism Instructor, Media Consultant, and Publisher and Founder of The Green Line); Emma Gilchrist (Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Executive Director, The Narwhal); and was moderated by Jessica Johnson (Editor-in-Chief, The Walrus).

Anita Li: Why Journalism Should be a Public Service

Anita Li is a Journalism Instructor, Media Consultant, and Publisher and Founder of The Green Line. She spoke at The Walrus Talks at Home: News & Platforms on September 23, 2021. Watch her full talk here.

Asian Canadians share their experiences with racism

After the Atlanta shootings, there’s been a growing movement for East Asians to speak up and stop racism in their communities. A conversation on CBC's The National with Anita Li, the Editor in Chief of The Other Wave, and Edmonton public school trustee Nathan Ip.

A Millennial Journalist's Perspective on the Future of Journalism

Anita Li featured in Atkinson Foundation video: We invited millennial journalist Angelyn Francis to create this video "op-ed" to add her voice to the public conversation on the future of journalism -- and to encourage others to do the same. Follow #futureofjournalists to listen in.

Digital News Disruption

Digital news was supposed to save the struggling newspaper industry. But companies like BuzzFeed and Vice, who were considered industry leaders, are now laying off thousands of staff. Will Canada's media bailout help or hinder the Canadian news landscape? To help assess that and other challenges facing the future of digital journalism, The Agenda welcomes: Canadaland’s Jesse Brown, Postmedia CEO Andrew MacLeod, Anita Li of The Discourse along with professor Colette Brin, a visiting scholar at the Ryerson School of Journalism.

Women in Journalism Panel at Carleton University

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Why gender and colonialism matter in journalism startups

This panel will examine how technology is privileged in discussions about journalism startups despite evidence that structural power relations such as gender, race and colonialism matter as much or more in understanding the impact and future possibilities of the “crisis” in journalism. This panel tries to make sense of how unexamined power relations and the exclusions of peoples, relations, “neglected knowledge,” and “alternative conceptualizations” of the future have limited the possibilities for what journalism startups can and should do in the early 21st century (Felt 2017, 253). Specifically, we contend that the industry’s construction of innovation and technology as the main saviors of journalism have systematically excluded ways of knowing that destabilize hegemonic power relations and present questions for professional identities and well-worn epistemologies in the field of journalism. Alongside these exclusions, digital technologies have been reified to the extent that their role as ‘modernizing’ forces of journalism are relatively unquestioned despite scholarship from feminist, postcolonial and science and technology studies that suggests the need for a much more critical approach to the postcolonial logic legitimated by the “new technologic … man in the street” (Spivak, 1999). As such, this panel will be oriented around the question: “Who participates in imagining and shaping the future” of journalism through conversations with founders and researchers of journalism startups (Felt 2017, 253). Con: Candis Callison (University of British Columbia), Anita Li (director of communities Discourse Media), Minelle Mahtani (University of Toronto), Nikki Usher (George Washington University), Mary Lynn Young (University of British Columbia).

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The Power of Digital Journalism | Anita Li | TEDxDistilleryDistrictWomen

Anita Li navigates the evolving landscape of digital journalism by brainstorming creative ways to cover news online.

Anita's TEDx talk has been taught in universities around the world, reshared by reputable industry publications like Editor & Publisher, and written about in dozens of blogs and social media posts. It was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Anita Li – Young Canadian digital journalist

Anita Li is a Canadian journalist who has worked on both sides of the divide between traditional and digital news. After brief stints at The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star, she headed to Fusion Media in New York City. In this video, she shares her optimistic view of the future of journalism in an age of disruption.

[FEATURED] Building Better Digital News for Blind and Other Disabled Users

ONA Insights, October 15, 2021Television


Kicking off a day of conversations about accessibility in the digital space, Insights Day 2 will open with a look at the priorities and inequities that prevent meaningful textual descriptions of images and data representations, and the steps we can and must take to open our work to everyone. Chancey Fleet talks to Anita Li about the inequities that make news inaccessible to blind and disabled audiences.

COVID-19: Should news paywalls block access to critical health info?

Global News, October 8, 2021Television


Some argue free access to the latest news is a public right. Others say journalism needs your cash to survive. Noor Ibrahim explores the paywall ‘dilemma.’ Featuring an interview with Anita Li.

Investigative journalism using community engagement

2021 Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) Conference, June 15, 2021Television


Tactics and strategies for how journalists can include underrepresented communities in the investigative-reporting process in ways that are empowering and collaborative — not exploitative and exclusionary — and that will produce stronger stories. We'll also explore broader topics like how to do engagement on a small budget or if you're a small newsroom, as well as getting buy-in for engagement projects.

Journalism's Myth of Objectivity: Accountability, Embodiment and Neutrality

Blackwood Gallery, October 28, 2020Television


In this panel, critical journalists from across Indigenous, American and Canadian media reflect on the construction of objectivity that underpins their profession and informs journalistic codes of ethics. Working from within and without media outlets that challenge the perceived neutrality of reporting, panelists discuss how they foster situated, embodied, and accountable journalism. Featuring Anita Li of The Other Wave, Rick Harp of MEDIA INDIGENA, Carol Linnitt of The Narwhal, Lewis Raven Wallace of Press On and Karyn Pugliese of Ryerson University.

Asian-Canadian Representation in the Media

Toronto Public Library, May 20, 2021Television


This panel focuses on all the different ways Asian-Canadian communities are covered in the media at large, including in the context of recent anti-Asian sentiment, and how that's evolving. Panellists Anita Li of The Other Wave, Kenny Yum of CBC News, Aparita Bhandari of Khabardaar Podcast and Justine Abigail Yu of Living Hyphen also explore the nuances of how Asian-Canadian media-makers across generations and cultures approach coverage of their communities, using a diverse array of platforms and formats.

Virtual Public Diplomacy Monitoring Forum: How the US Election Is Explained to the World

USC Center on Communication Leadership and Policy, December 15, 2020Television


Global conversation on how the US election is being explained to the world. This event began with the opening remarks by Hon. Ashok Mirpuri, Singapore's Ambassador to the United States of America, followed by panelists from around the world (in alphabetical order): Jeff Ballou, News Editor for the Americas at Al Jazeera Media Network; Jacqueline Charles, Caribbean/Haiti Correspondent for The Miami Herald; Vasily Gatov, Russian media researcher and author; Anton Harber, co-founder of South Africa's anti-apartheid Weekly Mail newspaper and journalism professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg; Insun Kang, Deputy Managing Editor of The Chosun Ilbo and former Washington bureau chief of Chosun Media; and Anita Li, journalism instructor at Ryerson University, the City University of New York and Centennial College. This meeting was presented by the USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership and Policy, Geoffrey Cowan, Director and Adam Powell III, Director of Washington Programs.

Press Club: Objectivity in Canadian media, in the wake of Black Lives Matter

Massey College, November 10, 2020Television


The recent BLM movement has intensified the debate in Canada and elsewhere around how the media can better reflect the diversity of the communities it purports to serve. This question necessarily asks not just how news coverage is shaped, but also considers who is doing the shaping. Intertwined with this is an even more challenging but unavoidable question that takes aim at a core tenet of journalism: objectivity.

Are journalists being partisan if they say Black Lives Matter? Is it preferable or not for newsrooms to send an Indigenous journalist to cover a protest for Indigenous rights? Can reporters legitimately refuse to cover people who have unsavory views? Under what circumstances can journalists shed the need to adhere to “both sides-ism?” Is it possible to be both activist and professional, or are those roles incompatible?

Featuring panellists Anita Li, Rachel Giese, Adrian Harewood, Jeffrey Dvorkin and Duncan McCue.

Canada’s journalism industry is lacking diversity. Here’s what needs to be done to change that.

CTV's Your Morning, July 17, 2020Television


Anita Li from the Canadian Journalists of Colour explains why journalism is so behind the times, and what more can be done.

How to collaborate with underrepresented communities in your journalism

2020 Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) Conference, September 24, 2020Television


In this session, panellists share tactics and strategies for how journalists can include underrepresented communities in the investigative-reporting process in ways that are empowering and collaborative — not exploitative and exclusionary — and that will produce stronger stories. Moderated by Anita Li.

How to Engage with Reddit in the Time of COVID-19

ONA Insights, June 25, 2020Television


In a time of urgent and overlapping healthcare, policing and employment crises, Reddit’s “endless content” is both an unparalleled story-sourcing resource and an infamous informational haystack. Join this conversation with Reddit’s Gabriel Sands and moderated by Anita Li to gain insights into unearthing new voices to broaden your coverage, improve your journalism and meet your audience where they are.

Documentary trailer: 'History of Journalism: From Reporter to Fake News'

Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC) and French journalist Bruno Masi, April 27, 2020Television


Directed by Paris-based journalist and writer Bruno Masi, the documentary is a compelling look at the evolution of the role of media in society. It also features interviews with journalism experts from around the world, including Anita Li, Alice Antheaume, Renate Schroeder, Alan Rusbridger, Jeff Jarvis, Victor Pickard and more.

Race and the Election Campaign

CBC News, October 19, 2019Television


What role has race played in this year's election campaign? Have race issues, and the way they've been handled, swayed your vote?

Trump tells Democratic women of colour to leave U.S. in 'racist' tweets

CBC, July 18, 2019Television


Anita Li on panel: U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday assailed a group of Democratic congresswomen of colour as foreign-born troublemakers.

Panel discusses news coverage of Jussie Smollett

CBC, February 24, 2019Television


Anita Li of Discourse, Ernest Owens Philadelphia Magazine speak with CBC's Aarti Pole about how the media reported on the Jussie Smollett events as they unfolded

The exploration of how young Canadians approach their work life compared to their old colleagues

Charles Adler Tonight, May 19, 2021Radio/Podcast


Addressing young Canadians and the future of work. Featuring guest Anita Li, author of a new Global News column called 'Outside the 9 to 5.'

New ideas and innovations in journalism

Delivering Journalism - Carleton University's School of Journalism, January 24, 2021Radio/Podcast


On this week's episode of the Delivering Journalism podcast, we'll continue exploring business models, with a focus on some of the latest ideas and innovations in journalism. Special guest Anita Li, a media consultant and journalism instructor, has lots to say about the future of journalism…and why she thinks now is an exciting time for journalists.

Facebook Fangoria

Canadaland, November 12, 2020Radio/Podcast


Beware of the FANG! And how to cover Chinese infiltration — or anti-Chinese infiltration? Anita Li co-hosts this episode of Canadaland's "Short Cuts."

Creating Value With Memberships

ONA Insights 2018, May 11, 2018Radio/Podcast


Memberships offer a unique value proposition: rather than a straight pay-for-content play, they seek to create an online community people pay to join, with the understanding that a membership supports quality content in the process. Three experts, including Anita Li, share best practices — and fresh ideas — in their efforts to grow their membership programs.

'You can't change what you don't acknowledge'

CBC Radio One’s The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn, June 17, 2020Radio/Podcast


Canadian Journalists of Colour co-founder Anita Li, Ubyssey culture editor Danni Olusanya and Aboriginal People's Television Network producer Steve Sxwithul'txw speak with Stephen Quinn about what media organizations need to do to end systemic racism in their coverage.

Is the Canadian media systemically racist?

CBC Radio One's The Weekend Morning Show (Manitoba) with Nadia Kidwai, June 14, 2020Radio/Podcast


How the murder of George Floyd affected Black journalists here in Canada. Featuring an interview with Anita Li, co-founder of Canadian Journalists of Colour.

Theories on #InThisSkin, Comedic Intolerance and Diversity in Newsrooms

New Theory Radio (News Talk Sauga 960 AM), February 18, 2020Radio/Podcast


We close the show with some theories around Diversity in Newsrooms. Anita Li (Canadian Journalists Of Colour) and Nadia Stewart (Canadian Association of Black Journalists) stop by to talk about a white paper both organizations collaborated on pertaining to diversity and exclusion within Canadian media.

Putting Calls for Racial Diversity in Canadian Media into Action

Pull Quotes: The Ryerson Review of Journalism Podcast, February 13, 2020Radio/Podcast


Fast-forward to 2020 and Canadian journalists of colour are still fighting for racial equality in media dominated by largely white upper management and editorial teams, in stark contrast to a diverse readership. The lack of racial diversity in Canadian newsrooms and media coverage prompted the Canadian Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) and Canadian Journalists of Colour (CJOC) to publish the Canadian Media Diversity: Calls to Action on January 28. Featuring guest interviews with CJOC's Anita Li and CABJ'S Nadia Stewart.

Increasing diversity in Canada's media organizations — a plan of action, February 27, 2020Radio/Podcast


Increasing diversity in the newsrooms of the nation is a topic which has been talked about and strategized around for several decades. But has all that talk resulted in action which has increased the number of people of colour and Black journalists in Canada's news media? Our two guests on rabble radio today say there is still a long way to go. Anita Li of Canadian Journalists of Colour; and Nadia Stewart of the Canadian Association of Black Journalists say our newsrooms aren't there yet.

Canada Is Working Exactly As Intended

Canadaland, March 4, 2020Radio/Podcast


A front-page story tells us that Canada is broken. Is it, or is this exactly how the country was designed to work? And, as a senior editor leaves the CBC, our national broadcaster pivots to audience. Anita Li co-hosts this episode of Canadaland's "Short Cuts."

'Missing voices and missing perspectives': Trudeau blackface scandal renews calls for newsroom diversity

CBC's The Current, September 20, 2019Radio/Podcast


Many say Canadian newsrooms must tackle race head-on — and employ more diverse reporters. Anita Li appears on a panel.

SiriusXM's "Progress Presents": Millennial Issues

SiriusXM, March 10, 2017Radio/Podcast


One hour of a three-hour-long episode of "Progress Presents," featuring guests Anita Li and Alexandros Orphanides.

work x work ON AIR: Unheard Voices

work x work, February 12, 2017Radio/Podcast


For this hour, editor Anita Li of The Other Wave and previously of Fusion leads a discussion on the role storytellers of color can play in today’s social and political climate. Featuring HuffPo Black Voices Senior Editor Lilly Workneh, filmmaker and writer Dean Marcial, and the multi-talented creative producer Sahra V. Nguyen, this conversation shines a light on the ways we approach covering underrepresented communities, the sometimes difficult journey to find your calling, and how to help marginalized stories get told. Prior to Fusion, Anita worked as news director at Complex Media, weekend editor at Mashable, on-air reporter at CTV Ottawa, research assistant for The New Yorker's Beijing bureau, and reporter/photographer at The Toronto Star.​

Why Canadian media need to talk more about race

CBC, November 18, 2016Radio/Podcast


Journalist Anita Li says media in Canada need to talk more about race. Now living in New York City, Li says while the discussion around race isn't perfect in the U.S., she argues there's a lesson to be learned in the frankness with which it is done.

The Green Line: Redefining How Young Torontonians Interact With News

The Eyeopener, August 24, 2021Print


A new Toronto-based digital publication is aiming to change the way Torontonians are centred in modern news reporting. Through multimedia reporting, The Green Line serves the Toronto community with solutions to issues that impact them the most and encourage them to take action.

When it comes to diversity, newsrooms must show real leadership to build trust

The Globe and Mail, January 28, 2021Print


Canadian Journalists of Colour (CJOC) co-founder Anita Li and Canadian Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) executive director Nadia Stewart wrote an op-ed to mark the one-year anniversary of their organizations' joint Calls to Action to strengthen newsroom diversity across Canada.

Why Canada’s media industry is in more danger than you think — and what we can do to save it

The Toronto Star, November 9, 2020Print


Includes interview with Anita Li about revenue sustainability in Canadian media.

New Roads

Ryerson Review of Journalism, July 23, 2020Print


Article featuring interview with Anita Li and the work of her organization, Canadian Journalists of Colour (CJOC): "The growing influence of community organizations and individuals who are working hard to boost inclusion in a still all-too-white profession."

Appel à une plus grande diversité dans les médias canadiens, January 28, 2020Print


Les salles de nouvelles du pays ne représentent pas correctement la diversité canadienne: voilà le constat mis de l’avant mardi par l’Association canadienne des journalistes noirs (CABJ) et le regroupement Canadian Journalists of Colour (CJOC), dans une lettre où ils appellent à agir rapidement pour corriger ce problème de représentation.

A post-election glimmer of hope for cultural pluralism?

Policy Options, October 25, 2019Print


Op-ed: Canadian voters largely resisted destructive populist narratives during the campaign, but will the country do the necessary work to dismantle racism?

Searching for Solutions

Ryerson Review of Journalism, May 29, 2019Print


Article featuring interview with Anita Li: "A new way to report on social issues."

Transdisciplinary storytelling at RTA Media and Journalism

Ryerson University, August 17, 2021Online


Digital storytelling reaches new heights when video games and virtual reality come into play. Article featuring interviews with Ryerson University's School of Journalism instructor Anita Li and RTA School of Media professor Kris Alexander.

Why self-employment is a great post-COVID-19 career path for Canadians

Global News , June 23, 2021Online


'Outside the 9 to 5' column by Anita Li: Self-employment means “independence, freedom and being my own boss” — the reason that one-third of Canada's self-employed workers decide to strike out on their own.

Remote work isn’t a trend. It’s a fundamental shift in Canada’s work culture.

Global News , June 9, 2021Online


'Outside the 9 to 5' column by Anita Li: If remote work allows Canadians to protect their mental health, the planet and save money, do we really need to consider arguments against it?

Young Canadians and the future of work: There’s a method to our madness

Global News , May 19, 2021Online


'Outside the 9 to 5' column by Anita Li: The simplistic binary of Entitled Millennial vs. OK Boomer is on the way out, and there’s so much nuance in the evolution of work that deserves to be unpacked.

Anti-Asian Racism Is More than a Trending Topic

The Walrus, July 6, 2021Online


Analysis: When it comes to combating racism, marginalized groups shouldn’t have to compete for attention.

Investigative journalism using community engagement

2021 Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) Conference, June 8, 2021Online


This session will share tactics and strategies for how journalists can include underrepresented communities in the investigative-reporting process in ways that are empowering and collaborative — not exploitative and exclusionary — and that will produce stronger stories. We'll also explore broader topics like how to do engagement on a small budget or if you're a small newsroom, as well as getting buy-in for engagement projects. Featuring The Other Wave's Anita Li, Southern California Public Radio's Ashley Alvarado, The City's Terry Parris Jr. and freelance investigative journalist Anjali Tsui.

Digital Startups Are Breathing Life Into Canadian Journalism

Canadaland, May 12, 2021Online


Analysis featuring interview with Anita Li as expert source.

U.S. election from the perspective of non-American journalists

Journal-isms, November 27, 2020Online


At "U.S. election from the perspective of non-American journalists," the Journal-isms Roundtable on Nov. 15, 2020, panellists Luis Alonso Lugo, who covers Washington for; Jacqueline Charles, Caribbean correspondent for The Miami Herald; Anita Li, co-founder of Canadian Journalists of Colour; and Macollvie J. Neel, managing editor of Haitian Times in New York.

Since 1999, the roundtable has been hosted by Richard Prince, a former Washington Post journalist who writes about diversity issues in news.

How journalists can ensure equitable information access in their communities

Online News Association , February 2, 2021Online


Led by Free Press’ Vanessa Maria Graber and Online News Association Board member Anita Li, more than a dozen committed engagement journalists from around the world met regularly for three months, from November 2020, to crowdsource, vet, compile and organize relevant resources. The #ONAinfoequity database is a one-stop shop featuring articles, videos and audio that are tagged with identity-based and geographic labels for ease of search and sorting.

Identifying the Barriers to Racial Equality in Canada

Policy Options, February 15, 2021Online


Systemic racism is pervasive in Canada. Data confirming the barriers to equity that Black, Indigenous and other people of colour face have been shared time and time again. But a variety of sectors have been slow to initiate or complete recommended policy measures.

Our neighbour, the United States, is in a profound period of reckoning with its own history of racial inequality. While it’s tempting to compare the two countries, Canadians deserve nuanced, informed, country-specific conversations about race. Anita Li, a media consultant, journalism instructor and advocate for equity in Canadian media, is the guest editor for this feature series of articles, which takes a close look at the obstacles to dismantling systemic racism in Canada.

Journalism students network with media entrepreneurs at Future of Journalism Initiative event

Carleton University's School of Journalism and Communication, February 12, 2021Online


An article about "Media Makers & Entrepreneurial Journalists — An Interactive Conversation," which featured panellists Nana aba Duncan, Anita Li, Christopher Curtis and Emma Gilchrist. The event was organized by the Future of Journalism Initiative (FJI) at Carleton University's School of Journalism.

CABJ and CJOC on Calls to Action, One Year Later

J-Source, February 5, 2021Online


Canadian Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) executive director Nadia Stewart and Canadian Journalists of Colour (CJOC) co-founder Anita Li discuss the path to anti-racism in Canadian journalism, what's changed and what the future holds.

What Is Your Plan B?

Ryerson Review of Journalism, August 27, 2020Online


As gigs become increasingly scarce, emerging and experienced journalists are carving out new pathways. Featuring quotes from Anita Li.

Media Experts on how the World Views the U.S. Elections

Public Diplomacy Council, December 16, 2020Online


The USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership and Policy sponsored a “global conversation on how the US election is being explained to the world” on December 15 — the day after the United States’ Electoral College voted Joseph Biden as President-elect. Hosted by Adam Clayton Powell III, executive director of the USC Election Security Initiative, the panel featured: The Hon. Ashok Mirpuri, Singapore’s ambassador to Washington; Jeff Ballou, news editor for the Americas at Al Jazeera Media Network; Jacqueline Charles, Caribbean/Haiti correspondent for The Miami Herald; Vasily Gatov, Russian media researcher and author; Anton Harber, co-founder of South Africa’s anti-apartheid Weekly Mail newspaper; Insun Kang, deputy managing editor of The Chosun Ilbo; and Anita Li, journalism instructor at Centennial College in Toronto and the City University of New York.

Breaking News: Canadian Media Fails to Represent

SFU Public Square by Simon Fraser University, July 15, 2020Online


In this time of global crisis and increased attention on anti-Black racism, the lack of racial diversity in Canadian news media has become more apparent than ever before. Diverse newsrooms are needed to accurately represent Canadians and their experiences. Consequently, on July 2, we hosted a conversation about representation in Canadian media as part of our Distant, Not Disengaged event series, featuring panellist Anita Li.

Diversity and Solidarity in Media

Journalists for Human Rights, July 23, 2020Online


A discussion on what meaningful diversity in Canadian media looks like and the solidarity movement that's leading the way. Moderated by Karyn Pugliese, with panellists Adrian Harewood, Anita Li and Brandi Morin.

This Canada Day, the country must reflect on its history to write its future

Maclean's, June 29, 2020Online


Op-ed: Canada must return to its core values—sustainability, multiculturalism and human rights—which have not been upheld in recent decades.

Call to Action on Newsroom Diversity

Unifor Local 2000, February 11, 2020Online


News release announcing that Unifor Local 2000's executive members unanimously voted to support the call to action, published by the Canadian Association of Black Journalists and Canadian Journalists of Colour.

Media union backs call for newsroom diversity

CWA Canada: The Media Union, March 2, 2020Online


News release from CWA Canada endorsing a call to action on newsroom diversity by the Canadian Association of Black Journalists and Canadian Journalists of Colour.

What readers miss out on when newsrooms aren’t diverse

Broadview magazine, February 6, 2020Online


Article featuring interview with Anita Li: "The stories we're told are shaped by those with clout. What about the voices we're not hearing from?"

Canadian Media Diversity: Calls to Action

J-Source, January 28, 2020Online


CABJ and CJOC on how to improve media representation and inclusion, now. These calls to action were written by Anita Li of the Canadian Journalists of Colour (CJOC) and Nadia Stewart of the Canadian Association of Black Journalists (CABJ).

Prince Harry and Meghan would find friendlier media in Canada but impossible to escape scrutiny

Reuters, January 10, 2020Online


Article about how Canadian media would cover the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, featuring interview with Anita Li as a media expert/analyst.

The Overwhelming Maleness of 'Silicon Valley'

Canadian media lacks nuance, depth on racial issues

Policy Options, September 10, 2019Online


Op-ed: The Canadian media is complacent about discussing our evolving cultural identity. We shouldn’t avoid tackling issues of race during the election.

The Discourse claims to be a leader in diversity. Here’s how we’re really doing.

Poynter, June 4, 2019Online


Op-ed: "These days, wherever you look, companies across industries are rolling out their diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts with lots of fanfare. D&I has become such a trend that 'diversity' in 2019 is a buzzword that’s nearly lost all meaning."

How representative are Canadian newsrooms, actually?

J-Source, November 19, 2018Online


Article featuring interview with Anita Li: "Racialized journalists are trying to create change in a predominantly white industry, but say support needs to come from the top."

A guide to building deeper relationships with the communities you cover

Poynter, December 20, 2017Online


Explainer by Anita Li and Sam Ford: "When newsrooms think of communities as their 'audience,' we often imagine their existence only in relation to the products and services we offer. Of course, journalists know that the people who read, watch and listen to our stories don’t only exist in this vacuum. However, when we talk about the people who engage with our work every day as 'traffic,' 'followers,' 'commenters,' 'subscribers' and 'members,' it’s easy to lose sight of who they actually are, and think about the metrics rather than actual people."

Canada as a global leader in journalism

Policy Options, February 7, 2017Online


Op-ed: With the news media under attack in the US, Canada has an opportunity to lead with quality, cutting-edge journalism.

How We Talk About Race

The Walrus, November 4, 2016Online


Op-ed: US media aren't afraid to confront sensitive issues. Why is Canada so far behind?

Community-Centered Journalism: Engaging People, Exploring Solutions, and Building Trust
by Andrea Wenzel
University of Illinois Press
August 31, 2020

Andrea Wenzel models new practices of community-centered journalism that build trust across boundaries of politics, race, and class, and prioritize solutions while engaging the full range of local stakeholders. Informed by case studies from rural, suburban, and urban settings, Wenzel's blueprint reshapes journalism norms and creates vigorous storytelling networks between all parts of a community. Envisioning a portable, rather than scalable, process, Wenzel proposes a community-centered journalism that, once implemented, will strengthen lines of local communication, reinvigorate civic participation, and forge a trusting partnership between media and the people they cover. Featuring expert insights from Anita Li.

Pause and Rethink: The 2021 Canada Media Fund Trend Report

by Anita Li et al.

Published by Canada Media Fund

February 1, 2021

Anita Li contributed to Chapter 1 of CMF's 2021 report, "Disrupted viewing: audiences today," specifically writing these two subchapters: "Navigating the disconnect" and "Is moviegoing facing an existential crisis?"


Beyond Facts: Increasing Trust In Journalism Through Community Engagement and Transparency

by Mazi Javidiani

Published by OCAD University

April 1, 2018

Interview with Anita Li featured: "The shift in media ecology has disrupted the journalism ecosystem, exposing many of the challenges it faces today. In the economy of scale, local news faces great financial adversity. The concentration of power, the alarming influence of powerful individuals over journalism, lack of transparency, and the lack of diversity have all contributed to alienating the public, ultimately resulting in a loss of trust. This research identified two key leverage point that would help journalism build trust with communities: Engagement and Accountability. Through effective engagement, journalism can tap in to the collective wisdom, approaching issues from a more humble stance that would allow for a diversity of voices to be reflected, ultimately resulting in solution oriented stories that resonate with the realities of different communities. Transparency allows for a track record that can demonstrate the sensitivity of the journalist towards the community, while also acknowledging the possibility of wrong doing."


The Shattered Mirror: News, Democracy and Trust In The Digital Age

by Public Policy Forum et al

Published by Public Policy Forum

January 1, 2017

Profile of Anita Li featured: "The Public Policy Forum has some bold suggestions for how independent, trustworthy news can survive in the digital age."



Anita Li is a longtime journalist, news entrepreneur, media consultant and educator. Currently, she is the founder, CEO and editor-in-chief of The Green Line, a local Toronto-based news outlet.

Anita teaches journalism innovation to graduate students at Ryerson University and community-driven journalism to undergraduate students at Centennial College in Toronto. In addition, she coaches media executives and news entrepreneurs at the City University of New York's Craig Newmark Graduate School of journalism.

Anita has over a decade of full-time experience as a multi-platform journalist in three markets: Toronto, New York City and Ottawa. She started her career as a reporter and editor at Canadian legacy publications, including The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and CBC. After that, she worked in strategic, management-level roles at American digital media outlets, such as Complex, Fusion and Mashable. Most recently, Anita was director of communities at The Discourse, a disruptive new player in the Canadian media scene that fills in gaps in news coverage for underserved communities. As a writer and reporter, she has been published in New York Magazine, Poynter, Policy Options and other publications across North America.

Anita is an expert in community-driven journalism, audience engagement, news entrepreneurship, consumer revenue business models, newsroom diversity, media ethics and journalism innovation; she's spoken on these topics in press interviews and at conferences worldwide. Anita has also consulted a wide range of journalism outlets and institutons, including CBC Manitoba, American Press Institute, Journalists for Human Rights, Toronto Public Library, Pink Triangle Press, Carleton University, Indiegraf, Liisbeth, Facebook Journalism Project's Sustainability Accelerator, Google's Project Oasis via Local Independent Online News (LION) Publishers, Radio Cité 97.9 and Informed Opinions.

Anita is a member of the 2020-21 Online News Association board of directors, as well as an alum of the inaugural 2016 Poynter-NABJ Leadership Academy for Diversity in Digital Media. She also co-founded Canadian Journalists of Colour, a rapidly growing network of racialized media-makers in Canada, in 2018. To keep up with Anita, subscribe to The Other Wave, her newsletter about challenging the status quo in journalism:


Online Journalism Awards Finalist for 2018 Feature, Small Newsroom | Professional

For more about our nominated series, The Discourse's #FirstNationsHousing, read this:

Poynter-NABJ Leadership Academy for Diversity in Digital Media | Professional

Member, 2016 class for Poynter-NABJ Leadership Academy for Diversity in Digital Media

Additional Titles and Affiliations

CFC Media Lab's Fifth Wave Connect


Royal Society of Arts

Fellow and RSA Connector in Toronto

Canadian Journalism Foundation and Facebook Journalism Project Digital News Innovation Award

Jury Member

Ryerson University journalism program


Durham College journalism program


Centennial College journalism program


Online Journalism Awards

Judge, Online Journalism Awards 2019

Digital Publishing Awards

- Judge, 2021 Digital Publishing Awards
- Judge, 2018 Digital Publishing Awards

Online News Association

Member, Board of Directors


Member, Advisory Board

Centennial College

Member, Journalism Program Advisory Committee

Canadian Association of Journalists

Member, Ethics Committee

Past Talks

Table Talks: Ensuring Information Access Equity in Our Communities

ONA21: The Online News Association's 22nd annual conference (

Virtual, June 23, 2021

The Future of Entertainment: Creating Content that Resonates

Academy Of Canadian Cinema and Television (

Toronto, ON, May 10, 2021

The Media and Racism: An Online Round-Table

Centre for Race and Culture (

Edmonton, AB, August 18, 2020

Community Engagement Tour at The Discourse-Scarborough

Assocation for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) 102nd annual conference (

Toronto, ON, August 8, 2019

Why gender and colonialism matter in journalism startups

International Journalism Festival 2018 (

Perugia, Italy, April 13, 2018

Now and in the future: Promoting greater diversity in media and higher education

Worldviews on Media and Higher Education 2019 Conference (

Toronto, ON, June 14, 2019

Innovations in journalism and newsrooms

Worldviews on Media and Higher Education 2019 Conference (

Toronto, ON, June 14, 2019

How to cover underserved communities (co-presented with Katherine Ellis of the American Press Institute)

Solutions Journalism Summit 2018 (

Sundance, UT, November 9, 2018

Getting it Right: Community-driven and solutions journalism at The Discourse

2018 ORCUP Regional Conference (

Toronto, ON, October 5, 2018

Whose news? Building a media industry that truly serves Canadians

RightsCon Toronto 2018 (

Toronto, ON, May 16, 2018

Getting Around 360 Video

NASH 80: Connect (

Toronto, ON, January 6, 2018

Towards a New Exciting Era in Journalism: Transparency, Empathy, Inclusion and Genuine Public Engagement

Nordjyske Medier's "Future of Publicism" journalism conference

Aalborg, Denmark, September 19, 2017

Time to Get Real about Virtual Reality Journalism

National Association of Black Journalists convention 2017 (

New Orleans, LA, August 10, 2017

How the rise of 360/VR content is influencing a new form of storytelling for journalists

2017 RTDNA Canada National Conference (

Toronto, ON, May 26, 2017

Who Gets Connected? A Panel on Inclusion & Tech

Toronto for Everyone: Community Hub (

Toronto, ON, February 25, 2017


  • Audience engagement
  • Media business models
  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Digital media
  • Canadian media
  • Innovations in journalism
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Ethics
  • Community
  • Community-driven journalism


  • Carleton University
    Master of Journalism, 2011
  • University of Toronto, Trinity College
    International Relations, Asia-Pacific Studies, English
    Honours Bachelor of Arts, 2009

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