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Colleen Flood

Professor & University Research Chair, Centre for Health Law Policy & Ethics, University of Ottawa

Health law, Health policy, The right to health, Federalism and health care, The Canada Health Act, Long-term care, Healthcare systems, 2-tier health care, Pharmacare


Prof. Colleen Flood, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa

"The Right to Health at the Public/Private Divide"
Book Discussion - Edited by Aeyal Gross and Colleen Flood
Tel Aviv University

Policy Options, September 26, 2018Radio/Podcast


As the federally appointed Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare prepares the blueprint for a national pharmacare plan, what can Canadians expect it to look like?

Colleen M. Flood joins the podcast to talk about the need for universal pharmacare and how it could work within our federal system. Colleen is professor, Research Chair in Health Law and Policy, and director of the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics at the University of Ottawa.

COVID-19 shines an unflattering light on many of Canada's vulnerabilities

Five decades in the making, our national pharmacare still has a long way to go

The Globe and Mail, June 13, 2019Online


Chaired by former Ontario health minister Eric Hoskins, the Advisory Council for the Implementation of National Pharmacare released its final report Wednesday.

Canadians should modernize, not privatize, medicare

Policy Options, December 15, 2015Online


There's no reason to believe that accessibility and quality cannot coexist in our medicare system.


Professor Colleen Flood has pushed the boundaries of health law beyond its traditional focus to illuminate law’s role in the broad web of relationships within health systems. Her comparative research has brought new insights and knowledge to Canadian and global debates over privatization, health system design and governance, and the role of courts in determining rights in health care. She is the author/editor of 10 books (two of which are in multiple editions) with 1 new book forthcoming, 8 special editions of leading journals (editor), 38 book chapters, 49 scholarly articles, 14 major reports and commissioned papers, dozens of op-eds and interviews, and hundreds of presentations.


  • Pharmacare
  • Health law
  • Health policy
  • The right to health
  • Federalism and health care
  • The Canada Health Act
  • Long-term care
  • Healthcare systems
  • 2-tier health care

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