Deborah Harford

Head of Philanthropy, Legible and Senior Adviser and Co-Founder, Action on Climate Team (ACT), Simon Fraser University

Climate change, Adaptation, Low carbon resilience, Emission reduction, Climate policy, Climate research, Climate communications, Climate outreach


Deborah Harford - BC Water Regulations and BC's Water Act

Deborah Harford from ACT (Adaption To Climate Change Team) from Simon Fraser University comments on the state of our current water act in BC, the strength of the proposed water act and how if put into law would be one of the best in North America.

Reducing your own carbon footprint is great, but it won’t save the planet unless governments and corporations step up

Is it too late? What we need to do about climate change today


Deborah Harford, Head of Philanthropy, Legible and former Executive Director of ACT, SFU: As co-founder and former executive director of ACT (the Action on Climate Team) at Simon Fraser University, Harford spent 15 years developing the initiative’s pioneering vision and its partnerships with the public, private and philanthropic sectors. She directed and produced ACT’s research and policy recommendations designed to advance effective, sustainable climate action strategies at all levels of government and across sectors, as well as communicating and promoting the program’s outcomes. A widely sought-after speaker and resilience expert, Harford contributes to a variety of national and international initiatives and is a Climate Solutions Fellow at SFU’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue. Harford is currently the head of philanthropy and CEO of the Foundation at


  • climate change
  • adaptation
  • low carbon resilience
  • emission reduction
  • climate policy
  • climate research
  • climate communications
  • climate outreach