Merran Smith

Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada

Energy policy, climate policy, climate change, clean energy, conservation, climate solutions


Clean energy is more than electric cars

Electric cars aren't the only path to clean energy, they’re just the beginning. Merran Smith believes that corporations have more power to lead consumers through a clean energy transition.

Ottawa, B.C. to push electrification of gas industry to cut carbon emissions


For most of her career, Merran Smith has worked to unite industry, government, and civil society organizations to solve pressing social and ecological challenges. Her leadership in the landmark Great Bear Rainforest conservation agreement helped ensure the protection of thousands of kilometres of coastal ecosystem. Smith is a Canadian representative on the International Clean Energy Ambassador Corps, and has recently been appointed co-chair of the B.C. government’s Climate Solutions and Clean Growth Advisory Council. She has received numerous leadership distinctions, including the 2016 Wendy McDonald ‘Community Catalyst’ award from the Vancouver Board of Trade, the ‘Clean 16’ award in 2014 for leadership in clean capitalism and the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from Clean Energy BC.


  • Energy policy
  • Climate policy
  • Climate change
  • Clean energy
  • Conservation
  • Climate solutions