Céline Williams

Executive Coach and Culture Engineer, ReVisionary

Mindset, CEO, mindset shift, leadership development, women entrepreneurs, growing business, self-development, confidence, effective communication



Céline Williams is a business strategist, executive coach, and expert in leadership development for the 21st century workplace. She has over 15 years' experience working with fast growing organizations, executives, and entrepreneurs, and is a trusted advisor and trainer to Fortune 500 companies. She is sought after for her expertise in emotional intelligence, design thinking, creating culture, and facilitating effective communication. Her innovative approach is an ideal mix of empathy, energy, and edge - challenging her client’s beliefs and assumptions so they can take the powerful actions required to realize immediate success. She’s been called a ‘medicine woman’ for her ability to tap into and understand all the aspects and layers of her clients and their businesses. This ability, along with a solid foundation of trust and rapport, enables Williams to go beyond the obvious and facilitate lasting change.


  • Mindset
  • CEO
  • mindset shift
  • leadership development
  • women entrepreneurs
  • growing business
  • self-development
  • confidence
  • effective communication

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