Rebecca Ellis

Phd candidate, Western University

Beekeeping; urban bees; pollinators; urban agriculture; pollinator gardening; wild gardening; gentrification and community gardening; human geography; permaculture; political ecology; agroecology; community gardens; vegan politics; sustainable food systems



Rebecca Ellis is a PhD candidate in Geography at Western University studying sustainable food systems. Her PhD project is about the relationship between people and bees in cities. She is chair of the London Urban Beekeepers Collective and the city of London's Urban Agriculture Steering Committee. She is a permaculture practitioner who frequently conducts workshops, writes, and produces a podcast about permaculture, agroecology, social justice, and urban agriculture.


  • beekeeping
  • urban bees
  • pollinators
  • urban agriculture
  • pollinator gardening
  • wild gardening
  • gentrification and community gardening
  • human geography
  • permaculture
  • political ecology
  • agroecology
  • community gardens
  • vegan politics
  • sustainable food systems