Lisa Borsook

Executive Partner, WeirFoulds

law; real estate; infrastructure; smart cities; equity, diversity and inclusion


#SCGGlobalSpin - Lisa Borsook Interviews Lisa Lisson Pt 3 of 3

Join us for this special episode of #SCGGlobalSpin where host Lisa Borsook (WeirFoulds LLP) sits down with guest Lisa Lisson (president of FedEx Express Canada) to discuss, among other things, the issues facing women during COVID-19, the importance of mentorship, and how to be an effective leader.

This is a great and inspiring episode for everyone, and we hope you enjoy it.


Lisa Borsook is a lawyer practicing in real estate and infrastructure. She's a firm leader and has been actively engaged in equity, diversity, and inclusion issues for 20 years.


  • law
  • real estate
  • infrastructure
  • smart cities
  • equity
  • diversity and inclusion