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Chiara Gamberi

Affiliate Assistant Professor, Concordia University

Developmental biology, disease models, drosophila (fruit flies), RNA biology, mRNA translation


What's the latest on gut microbiota? Concordia microbiology undergrads publish their findings

Une chercheuse de Concordia dirige une équipe de 94 étudiants au premier cycle dans le cadre d'une étude sur la santé intestinale

Researcher leads a team of 94 undergrads to explore gut health

Concordia researcher leads a team of 94 undergrads to explore gut health


After completing her studies in Italy and at the EMBL Heidelber (Germany), Chiara Gamberi became an international scientist in the US and then found a new home in Canada.


  • developmental biology
  • disease models
  • drosophila (fruit flies)
  • RNA biology
  • mRNA translation


  • University of Verona

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