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Amara Possian

Professor (Seneca College), Canada Campaigns Director (

green new deal, climate change, third party election campaigns, strategic voting, advocacy and public affairs, democracy and civic participation


Strategic voting, explained

‘Should I vote strategically?’ It’s a question many voters face every time an election rolls around. Here’s how strategic voting works and how Canada’s electoral system incentivizes it.

Election 2015: The Strategic Vote

There was plenty of talk about strategic voting during the federal election campaign. The Agenda looks at if and how it played a role in the election outcome.

CTV: The Role of the Strategic Voting Campaign

Amara Possian, Leadnow’s elections campaign manager says her group’s volunteers asked voters to promise to vote for the candidate who Leadnow’s research and polling suggested would be most likely to defeat a Conservative rival.....the long-term objective of Vote Together is to make strategic voting obsolete by replacing Canada’s winner-take-all system.

Power & Politics: Strategic voting campaign

October 9, 2015. Campaign Manager Amara Possian on Power & Politics after Vote Together's first round of candidate endorsements.

Rallying the Strategic Vote

Both and are running campaigns to try to coordinate the efforts of "progressive voters" to unseat the federal Conservatives. The Agenda examines if strategic voting changes the outcome of the election in ridings where the combined Liberal/NDP/Green vote outweighs support for the Conservative candidate but none of the individual progressive candidates have sufficient support to come first in a four-way race.

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It’s Go Time for Canada’s Green Recovery

In Canada, an inspiring movement emerges in response to the coronavirus

Want to Help Others in This Crisis? Here Are Some Ideas

Coronavirus Kindness: Canadians Are Stepping Up To Help Their Neighbours

We can’t afford to ‘vote strategically’ like it’s still 2015

Will Trudeau’s pipeline support cost him the next election?

‘We can't slow down’: Combatting activist burnout

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Amara Possian on Canada's Path to a Green New Deal

Canadian Campaign Blurs Party Lines to Thwart Conservatives


Amara Possian is a campaigner, educator, and facilitator with over a decade of experience helping groups take collective action. She's a professor in Seneca College’s Government Relations program and manages Canada campaigns at the global climate organization, During the 2015 and 2019 elections, she led Vote Together (Leadnow) and Our Time ('s groundbreaking third party campaigns.

Possian has worked at the local, national, and international level with a wide range of organizations pursuing a wide range of strategies for change. She has also trained and coached thousands of people in strategy, campaigning, and community organizing.

Possian builds political and grassroots leadership in service of tackling climate change, racism, and inequality. She is a participant in the 2020 Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference.


  • covid-19 community response
  • green new deal
  • climate change
  • third party election campaigns
  • strategic voting
  • advocacy and public affairs
  • democracy and civic participation


  • McGill University
    Political Science, Middle East Studies
    Bachelor of Arts (Joint Honours), 2011
  • University of Waterloo
    Social Innovation
    Graduate Diploma, 2014

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