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Jennifer Hollinshead

Founder and Clinical Director, Peak Resilience

Feminist therapy, counselling, therapy, sexual violence survivor support, trauma, sexual trauma, rape culture, victim blaming, triggers, body objectification, mental health, anti-oppression, intersectional feminist,



Jennifer Hollinshead is the founder and clinical director of Peak Resilience, a leading counselling practice in Downtown Vancouver, BC. Peak Resilience is redefining what mental health care should look and feel like.

Jennifer has been a counsellor for over 15 years and has been growing her practice and leading the team at Peak Resilience for the past 5 years. Jennifer has an innate ability to make complex topics like mental health and gender equality more engaging and accessible. Over the last 15 years working with clients, Jennifer has supported people with various mental health struggles such as anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and OCD, to name a few. She wrote her Master's thesis on drug facilitated sexual assault and has specialized in helping sexual violence survivors heal and claim their lives back. Jennifer is a skilled speaker, facilitator, trainer, therapist, and clinical supervisor to the counsellors on her team and various counsellors throughout the region.


  • feminist therapy
  • counselling
  • therapy
  • sexual violence survivor support
  • trauma
  • sexual trauma
  • rape culture
  • victim blaming
  • triggers
  • body objectification
  • mental health
  • anti-oppression
  • intersectional feminist

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