Carin Smolinski

Founder, Alphabet Learning Group, Whistler Education Consultants, ABC International School Tokyo

Positive parenting, parenting, co-parenting, single parenting, early childhood education, entrepreneurship, female entrepreneurship, remote work, remote leadership, event design, event decor



With 23 years of experience in the early childhood education business worldwide, Carin Smolinski specializes in educating parents and educators on positive parenting, positive guiding, preschool design, and international preschools. She founded Tokyo Families Magazine, multiple international preschools, an indoor playground and is dedicated to mentoring female entrepreneurs.


  • Positive parenting
  • parenting
  • co-parenting
  • single parenting
  • early childhood education
  • entrepreneurship
  • female entrepreneurship
  • remote work
  • remote leadership
  • event design
  • event decor