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Andréa Coutu, she/her/hers

Consultant, Consultant Journal

Entrepreneurship, marketing, business, communications, COVID-19 and remote/virtual work, women in business, parent of children with special needs, special needs policy, advocacy


CBC's The World at Six, March 12, 2020Radio/Podcast


Interview with CBC's Thomas Daigle about how businesses and individuals will work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants

Consultant JournalPrint


My book, Consulting Fees, is in its second edition. Sales can reach top 3% on Amazon. (See on amazon at

Consulting business fills a need in current economy

More companies asking employees to work from home to slow spread of coronavirus

Globe & Mail, March 11, 2020Print


A growing number of Canadian companies are asking employees to work from home in an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Article on Setting Consulting Fees

Consultant JournalOnline


This articles has seen millions of visitors. My site has about 1000 articles about consulting.

In BC, schools need to stop sending children like Joshua home

VSB mini schools have a major problem

Three Tips to Start a Consulting Business

Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants
by Andréa Coutu
Consultant Journal


Andréa Coutu, MBA, founded, growing it from a tiny trade publication to an entrepreneurship community with 60,000 unique monthly visitors. Originally a finance and tech marketing consultant, Coutu pivoted when her life took some unexpected turns. While quietly building Consultant Journal, she found herself applying lived experience to advocacy for education, women’s rights, and social services. She co-developed some of Canada’s first recognized continuing professional development courses on advocacy, reflective practice, inclusion and pronouns. Aiming to democratize business practices, Coutu published Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants, available at bookstores worldwide. In addition to her MBA and Wharton Entrepreneurship studies, she studied psychological first aid, trauma-informed practice, collaborative problem-solving and Indigenous cultural safety. She has taught for UBC and Simon Fraser University, guest lectured for Vancouver Island University, Langara, SFU Masters in Publishing and Vancouver Native College, and has been interviewed by Entrepreneur, CBC, Radio Canada, Business Week, CanWest, The Vancouver Sun, The Toronto Star, Business in Vancouver and other media. She has published articles for a range of media, including USA Today. A social justice advocate, Coutu volunteers extensively and was a 2020 Small Business BC Community Impact Award nominee and a recipient of a 2019 Hidden Hero award from The Hon. Joyce Murray, MLA.


Hidden Hero - Vancouver Quadra (from MLA Joyce Murray) | Professional

The Right Honourable Joyce Murray honoured me as one of her Hidden Heroes for ongoing and meaningful contribution to the people and communities of Vancouver Quadra.


  • entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurs
  • marketing
  • business
  • consulting business
  • business writing
  • business analysis
  • communications
  • remote work
  • virtual work
  • working from home
  • flexible work
  • COVID-19
  • business impact
  • social impact
  • women in business
  • career planning
  • multimedia
  • online learning
  • publishing
  • careers
  • parent of children with special needs
  • education for special needs children
  • disabilities
  • social services and healthcare for special needs children
  • special needs policy
  • advocacy
  • feminism
  • underrepresented groups
  • urban living
  • city living
  • human rights
  • teaching


  • Simon Fraser University
    English major, Communication minor
    Bachelor of Arts, 1997

    Co-operative Education

  • Simon Fraser University
    Business, Strategy, New Ventures
    Executive MBA, 2003

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