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Tanya Walker

Lawyer, Owner, Walker Law P.C.

Law, trials, litigation, employment, immigration, criminal, emergency litigation during COVID-19, use plain language to make complex legal issues accessible


Liberals table bill to reform justice system | Your Morning

Lawyer Tanya Walker joins us to discuss the bill’s potential implications on Canada’s criminal justice system.

People are posing as fake lawyers and it’s a big problem | Your Morning

Take these important steps to be sure you have someone who is really in the business.

CBC ListenRadio/Podcast


Tanya Walker is a black lawyer in Toronto. She had the chance to meet her idol yesterday, when former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama came to town.

How The Courts Are Dealing With Real Estate Disputes During COVID19



Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the economy has been struggling to maintain the balance between continued delivery of essential services and the need to promote physical distancing. Ontario’s court system has been trying to balance public health concerns with the need to continue promoting access to justice.

Potential Impacts of Coronavirus on The Workplace



Since the beginning of 2020, the world has been concerned about the Novel Coronavirus. Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that can cause influenza-like symptoms in humans. An interesting characteristic of Coronaviruses is that they are “zoonotic”, meaning they can be transferred between humans and animals.


Tanya Walker has been a legal analyst on four television stations since 2016, discussing legal issues in Canada and the USA.


  • Law
  • trials
  • litigation
  • employment
  • immigration
  • criminal
  • emergency litigation during COVID-19
  • use plain language to make complex legal issues accessible

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