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Fatima Zaidi

Co-founder, CEO, Quill Inc.

Podcasting, media tech, tech trends, sales trends, artificial intelligence, consumer behavior in tech, consumer behavior in sales, funding landscape for women in tech, raising capital, diversity and inclusion, content marketing, personal branding


Fatima Zaidi of Quill presents Fixing Your Diversity Problem

In this presentation, Fatima Zaidi, founder and CEO of Quill ( and former VP at Eighty-Eight Agency discusses how to achieve diversity in your company and some of the financial benefits of being diverse.

The advantages and challenges of building a business in Canada

BNN BloombergTelevision


Starting a business in Canada has both its advantages and challenges. While there is a lot of government support at the startup stage, raising capital can be a challenge. Fatima Zaidi, founder and CEO of startup Quill, joins BNN Bloomberg with her experiences.

Supporting female entrepreneurs begins with putting business sense before bias

Strategic partnerships can be a game changer for your small business

10 companies supporting people through a time of uncertainty


Fatima Zaidi is the co-founder of Quill, the world’s first one-stop marketplace where podcasters can find pre-vetted expert freelancers who will save them time, improve their podcast quality, and help grow their audience. As a member of the National Speakers Bureau, Zaidi has spoken at various events around the world on issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion; leading her to keynote on world stages alongside speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, and most recently Richard Branson. In addition to being a commentator for BNN Bloomberg, she is a frequent contributor to publications including The Globe and Mail and Huffington Post. Over the past few years she has won the Top 30 under 30 award in 2016, Young Professional of the Year by Notable Life, and one of Flare Magazine’s Top 100 Women.


  • podcasting
  • media tech
  • tech trends
  • sales trends
  • artificial intelligence
  • consumer behavior in tech
  • consumer behavior in sales
  • funding landscape for women in tech
  • raising capital
  • diversity and inclusion
  • content marketing
  • personal branding

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