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Sarah Saska, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO, Feminuity

Dr. Sarah Saska is the CEO of Feminuity, a global strategy firm partnering with leading technology startups through to Fortune 500 companies to build diverse teams, equitable systems, and inclusive products and company cultures.


We’re On the Verge of a Diversity Debt Crisis - TEDxYouth@Toronto

We take financial debt seriously, now it’s time to take diversity debt seriously, too. Until recently, the tech community has not thought about diversity in the same terms. And the problem of diversity debt is even more important given the rise of the innovation economy. In this talk, Dr. Sarah Saska argues that getting diversity right is critical to making sure that we shape a future that benefits everyone. It is up to us to guide technology and the disruption that comes with it through the decisions we make on a daily basis as citizens, consumers, and investors. We've figured out how to fly, stream movies on our phones, and have groceries delivered to our doorsteps, and now Dr. Sarah Saska is working to ensure that we build a future that brings everyone forward.

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As the CEO of Feminuity, Dr. Sarah Saska (She, Her, Hers) partners with leading technology startups to Fortune 500s, building diverse teams, equitable systems, and inclusive products and company cultures. Prior to co-founding Feminuity, Saska led pioneering doctoral research at the intersection of diversity, inclusion, and innovation. Her research highlighted the need for companies - namely those in the technology and innovation sector - to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into the core of their business, which became the inspiration for Feminuity. Since then, Saska has twice been named amongst the Women’s Executive Network’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada, and on Culture Amp’s list of “Diversity and Inclusion Leaders You Should Know.” She is a TEDx speaker, and has been featured on CBC’s The National and Fast Company.


  • Futurism
  • Inclusive Design
  • Gender Studies
  • Women's Studies
  • Bias
  • algorithmic bias
  • diversity in tech
  • diversity and inclusion in technology
  • diversity and inclusion in global tech companies
  • inclusive
  • diversity
  • equitable design
  • product inclusion
  • women in STEM
  • equity
  • surveillance
  • data


  • Queen's University
    Department of Gender Studies, Department of Political Studies
    Bachelor's of Arts (Honours)
  • University of Ottawa
    Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies
    Master of Arts (M.A.)
  • Western University
    Equity Studies and Technology and Innovation Studies
    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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