Xenia Chen

Founder, Threads

Entrepreneurship, e-commerce, direct-to-consumer, women's workwear, tights and hosiery, workwear staples, startup, investment banking, private equity, reusable cloth masks for non-medical frontline workers and public for COVID-19


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Why Working From Home Doesn’t Have To Mean Sacrificing Style

VITA Daily, November 24, 2021Online

URL: https://vitadaily.ca/2020/11/24/why-working-from-home-doesnt-have-to-mean-sacrificing-style-win/

With many new realities firmly in place, comfort has become a leading trend in work-from-home attire. But that doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice style. We chatted with Threads founder Xenia Chen, a former investment banker who was frustrated with the lack of comfort and reliability provided by drugstore tights/nylons, about why she’s still wearing her tights daily, even when working from her home office.

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Xenia Chen is the Founder of Threads, an e-commerce subscription women's workwear and hosiery startup. She has 5 years of experience working in investment banking and private equity on Bay Street and Wall Street and bootstrapped Threads "on the side" when she noticed a gap in the hosiery market for high-quality, comfortable and affordable staples. During COVID-19, Threads was one of the first companies in Canada that pivoted to making reusable masks, launching Threads Helps in April 2020. Since then, Threads Helps has provided more than 80,000 masks to Canadians and Americans, as well as donating thousands to various charitable organizations.


  • entrepreneurship
  • e-commerce
  • direct-to-consumer
  • women's workwear
  • tights and hosiery
  • workwear staples
  • startup
  • investment banking
  • private equity
  • reusable cloth masks for non-medical frontline workers and public for COVID-19