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Sarah Berger Richardson

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law (Civil Law section), University of Ottawa

food law; agricultural law; agrifood policy; food safety; food security; food policy; meat industry; animal welfare; ethics behind animals as meat; rules and barriers for small producers



Sarah Berger Richardson is an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law (Civil law section), where she teaches food and agricultural law, civil liability, and administrative law. She is a member of the Law Society of Ontario and President of the Canadian Association of Food Law and Policy. Berger Richardson’s research focuses on the regulation of food production and farming, with a particular emphasis on the meat industry. She holds a doctorate from McGill University’s Faculty of Law and her dissertation examined the ways socio-cultural and moral perspectives about how livestock should be raised and slaughtered are considered in the design of meat inspection systems. She holds a Master of Law (LL.M) from Tel Aviv University, where she was a research fellow at the Manna Center in Food Safety and Security. Previously, Berger Richardson served as a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Israel and the Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal.


  • food law
  • agricultural law
  • agrifood policy
  • food safety
  • food security
  • food policy
  • meat industry
  • animal welfare
  • ethics behind animals as meat
  • rules and barriers for small producers

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