Chanel Grenaway-Mills

Consultant, Chanel Grenaway and Associates

Gender equity; inclusion; gender-based analysis; intersectionality; poverty; underrepresented groups; diverse stakeholder; nonprofit sector; community engagement



Chanel Grenaway is a seasoned adviser to leaders in the nonprofit and public sector. With 20 years of experience in building the capacity of organizations to apply an equity and gender lens to their programs, services, and policies, she is an authority on intersectionality, inclusion, gender analysis, and community engagement. Her approach is deeply rooted in designing equitable systems and creating opportunities that enable under-represented groups to realize their full potential. Currently, as a consultant, Grenaway-Mills facilitates conversations and conducts participatory research across diverse sectors to enhance project outcomes and their impact. She played a pivotal role in the research and planning phase of the Gender Analytics course now being piloted by the Institute for Gender and the Economy.


  • gender equity
  • inclusion
  • gender-based analysis
  • intersectionality
  • poverty
  • underrepresented groups
  • diverse stakeholder
  • nonprofit sector
  • community engagement

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