Georgette Morris

Graduate Student, Carleton University

immigration, migration, temporary foreign workers, labour, race, equality and equity



Georgette Morris is pursuing graduate studies at Carleton University in Ethics and Public Affairs. Her primary research interests are in labour, policy, equity, human rights, immigration, migration, citizenship, government, political debate, public reason, and agenda setting. Morris has experience working at all levels of government, within a range of departments and ministries. Her aspirations include making political debate and access to what is said in Parliament more accessible and understandable to citizens. She seeks to create strategic use of political engagement tools to provide outcomes for Black people. She holds an Honours BA in Human Rights and Equity Studies, a BA in Social Science and an MA in Public Policy Administration and Law - all from York University. Morris also has certificates in Law and Society, Public Policy Analysis, and Democratic Administration.


  • immigration
  • migration
  • temporary foreign workers
  • labour
  • race
  • equality and equity

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