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Dr. Lesley Barron

General Surgeon, Halton Healthcare

health care policy, gender equity, health human resources, surgery, surgical training, social determinants of health, gender bias in medicine, scientific research, spread of breast cancer, physician compensation, primary care, two-tier health care


Why are women still earning less than men in medicine?

Ontario Medical Association says it supports transparency in OHIP billings

OMA turns to Supreme Court to stop release of names of highest paid MDs

Continuity of care policy exposes fault lines in the medical profession


Dr. Lesley Barron is a general surgeon practising at Georgetown Hospital for over a decade. She obtained her medical degree from Western University and went on to do surgical training in Calgary. She has a Master's degree in medical research from the University of Birmingham and investigated the mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis. She has a keen interest in gender equity within medicine, health care policy, and surgery.


  • health care policy
  • gender equity
  • health human resources
  • surgery
  • surgical training
  • social determinants of health
  • gender bias in medicine
  • scientific research
  • spread of breast cancer
  • physician compensation
  • primary care
  • two-tier health care

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