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Susan Hodkinson

Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Crowe Soberman LLP

Human resources, staff, human capital, employee engagement, people and culture, corporate culture, organizational culture, workplace gender issues


Susan Hodkinson | HR Consulting Toronto | Crowe Soberman

Susan Hodkinson is the Chief Operating Officer at Crowe Soberman and also heads the firm’s HR Consulting Group.


Susan Hodkinson is the Chief Operating Officer and Partner, Human Resources (“HR”) Consulting at Crowe Soberman. In her practice, she provides advice on all aspects of HR, and demonstrates how strong HR practices can assist small to medium-sized business owners to make smart business decisions. As COO, Hodkinson has management responsibility for the operations of the firm, including finance, IT, HR, facilities and marketing. She is a frequent writer, speaker, and facilitator on a variety of HR, operational and general business topics, leveraging her extensive background in management and leadership.


  • human resources
  • staff
  • human capital
  • employee engagement
  • people and culture
  • corporate culture
  • organizational culture
  • workplace gender issues

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