Valérie Black St-Laurent

Founder and Executive Director, Canadian Journal of Law and Justice

criminal justice, Canadian criminal law, Canadian criminal justice, social justice, discrimination, marginalized communities, police accountability, carceral system, art therapy in penitentiaries, wrongful convictions, discrimination in Canadian criminal justice, free and accessible legal knowledge



Valérie Black St-Laurent is the Founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Journal of Law and Justice. The Canadian Journal of Law and Justice (CJLJ) is a student-run, peer-reviewed open access journal that recognizes the importance of highlighting the voice of Canadian researchers and the work of established and emerging artists. The journal offers a platform to foster dialogue both domestically and internationally on issues relating to criminal justice. Black St-Laurent holds a B.C.L./LL.B. from McGill University ('19) and a Bachelor's degree in Conflict Studies and Human Rights from the University of Ottawa ('16). She is an advocate for criminal justice reform and access to justice.


  • criminal justice
  • Canadian criminal law
  • Canadian criminal justice
  • social justice
  • discrimination
  • marginalized communities
  • police accountability
  • carceral system
  • art therapy in penitentiaries
  • wrongful convictions
  • discrimination in Canadian criminal justice
  • free and accessible legal knowledge