Tanya Hayles

Founder, Black Moms Connection

Racism, anti-Black racism, diversity and inclusion, parenthood, motherhood, social justice, community building, event planning


Working Mom Seeks 'She-cession' Relief

CBC Morning ShowTelevision

URL: https://twitter.com/CBCMorningLive/status/1308763719200014336

"We just need reassurances that we're going to continue to try and not leave any Canadian behind." An advocate for working moms and BIPOC tells
what she is hoping to hear from the Liberals in today's throne speech. #CBCNN

How to talk to your kids about racism

How Activists Of Colour Prioritize Joy In Organizing

Don’t choose Black-owned businesses because we’re Black, choose us because we’re good

5 Black Women Talk About Their Lives In Canada–Past, Present And Future

Black moms use Facebook to discuss cultural parenting issues

Black Moms Connection turning online safe space into real-world force

Black parents having ‘the talk’ with younger kids to prepare them for dealing with racism


Tanya Hayles is an award-winning event planner and creative storyteller, using various mediums to evoke emotions, create change, and magnify moments. She spends most of her days turning ideas into reality through rsvp + co. By night, she is the founder of Black Moms Connection, an online global village of 16,000 and non-profit providing culturally relevant programs and resources to educate and empower the Black mother and her family. The work of disrupting and diversifying motherhood was the reason behind launching the anti-Black racism consulting business Color In White Spaces, making diversity and inclusion real and relatable. Putting all these puzzle pieces together tells the story of a true believer in the power of words and bringing visions to life.


  • racism
  • anti-Black racism
  • diversity and inclusion
  • parenthood
  • motherhood
  • social justice
  • community building
  • event planning

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