Gauri Sreenivasan

Director of Policy and Campaigns, Nature Canada

environment, social justice, nature conservation, green economy, nature-based climate change solutions, equity and human rights issues, reconciliation and nature


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Gauri Sreenivasan is Director of Policy and Campaigns at Nature Canada, the oldest nature conservation non-profit in Canada. She has worked for equity, sustainability, and justice for more than 25 years. She led campaign and coalition work with colleagues in Canada and around the world for equity, climate justice, and human rights while at the Canadian Council for International Cooperation. She served as Director of Parliamentary Affairs for the Official Opposition 2011-2014. She has significant experience connecting the Canadian scientific and research community to public advocacy and policy change through senior positions at the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences and at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Sreenivasan advocates for building Canadian leadership at a local, national and global levels to secure a healthy and sound future for all life on the planet. She holds a Master’s in International Affairs from Carleton University.


  • environment
  • social justice
  • nature conservation
  • green economy
  • nature-based climate change solutions
  • equity and human rights issues
  • reconciliation and nature

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