Jamie Liew

Associate Professor, University of Ottawa

immigration, refugee, statelessness, citizenship, law


Expert discusses irregular border crossings and federal discourse

Law professor at the University of Ottawa Jamie Liew joins CPAC's Peter Van Dusen to discuss irregular border crossings after Andrew Scheer's announcement to shut down the flow of asylum seekers at non-official border crossings.

Saudi Teen Granted Asylum in Canada


Jamie Liew is an immigration and refugee lawyer and associate professor of law at the University of Ottawa. She specializes in immigration, refugee, stateless, and citizenship law. She has appeared at the Supreme Court of Canada and Standing Committees in the House of Commons and Senate. She is the co-author of "Immigration Law" (with Donald Galloway) published by Irwin Law.


  • immigration
  • refugee
  • statelessness
  • citizenship
  • law

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