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Jasmine Ramze Rezaee

Director of Advocacy & Communications, YWCA Toronto

social policy, gender equality, poverty, racism, racial justice, child care, women's rights, women's advancement, violence, economic and social impacts of pandemic on women, public health equity


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Jasmine Ramze Rezaee is the Director of Advocacy and Communications at YWCA Toronto, one of Canada's leading women's organizations. Ramze Rezaee has more than a decade of non-profit experience spanning Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. She is an expert on issues related to gender equality, racial justice, and healthy communities. Her work has been published in Now Magazine, Ricochet Media, Policy Options, This Magazine, The Toronto Star, and She holds an MA from the University of Toronto.


  • social policy
  • gender equality
  • poverty
  • racism
  • racial justice
  • child care
  • women's rights
  • women's advancement
  • violence
  • economic and social impacts of pandemic on women
  • public health equity

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