Farhana Alarakhiya

Board member, Pulsar Collective

Data analytics expert before it became a buzzword. Specialise in analytics, artificial intelligence, reporting and decision making, digital transformation, data technology stacks. Experience across analytics within financial services, retail, healthcare, and catastrophe modelling



Farhana Alarakhiya has been deeply immersed in the world of Big Data analytics and AI for her entire career. She is a digitization champion and has spent the last two decades working in information technology, transforming organizations through analytics, and artificial intelligence. Her roles span from Vice President at Shopify, where she focused on helping entrepreneurs use data to make better business decisions, to Director at Watson Health where she built innovative software to enable proactive and preventative health measures. Alarakhiya holds an Electrical Engineering and Management degree, and serves on the board for Pulsar Collective, a not-for-profit committed to improving gender equality in STEM. She is also an advisor to several AI focused incubate firms. Originally from Kenya, Alarakhiya incorporates fair and equitable treatment of women in her work, to decrease the gap between the “have” and “have not.”


  • analytics
  • artificial intelligence
  • data informed decision making
  • digital transformation
  • data champion
  • data rich insight poor (DRIP)

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