Sharlene Massie

Visionary and Founder, About Staffing & JOBSHIFT

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Office Party Etiquette

About Staffing, December 2, 2019Television


Sharlene Massie discusses office party etiquette and how to celebrate in a tough economy.

Job Market Update

About Staffing, April 16, 2020Television


Sharlene Massie offers up her tips for leaders and employees on how to navigate and celebrate during a touch economy.

Launch of

JOBSHIFT, August 17, 2020Television


Sharlene Massie, Founder & Visionary of About Staffing® launches a new company called JOBSHIFT, to support the thousands of people unemployed in Canada due COVID-19

The factors influencing current job numbers in Alberta

How help from fellow entrepreneurs can save a sinking ship

Job-hunting in a pandemic: 'Take a breath because it's not going to be easy'

How these Alberta entrepreneurs shifted strategies to find success in new markets

As slow recovery begins, Calgary still hurting from pre-COVID jobless rates

How to work from home when your kids are also at home


Sharlene Massie is the founder and visionary of About Staffing, a Calgary-based employment agency that has been connecting exceptional people with exceptional businesses since 1996.

She recently started a new SaaS-based LMS platform called JOBSHIFT that helps the thousands of unemployed due to COVID-19.

Sharlene Massie volunteers her time to a variety of charities and has sat on numerous boards. She regularly appears in the media, offering her opinions, tips and advice for both employers and job seekers.


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  • Mount Royal University
    Public Relations
    Public Relations Degree, 1990