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Dr. Josephine Etowa

Full Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing, University of Ottawa; OHTN Chair in Black Women’s HIV Prevention and Care, Lead Investigator, Collaborative Critical Research for Equity & Transformation in Health (CO-CREATH) Lab; Affiliate Professor, School of International Development and Global Studies; Affiliate Professor, Institute for Science, Society and Policy

health and healthcare, inequities in health and healthcare, diversity in nursing, women's health, midwife, healthcare for Black Canadians, health of Black women and HIV, COVID and healthcare inequities, systemic racism in healthcare, capacity building to respond to Black Canadians' health needs during COVID, impact of COVID-19 on Black communities



Dr. Josephine Etowa is a Full Professor at the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing. Etowa completed her BSc. N and MN degrees from Dalhousie University and her PhD in Nursing at the University of Calgary. She completed a Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF) Post-Doctoral Fellowship, focusing on diversity within Canadian nursing at the University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa. Her research program grounded in over 23 years of clinical practice, is in the area of inequity in health and health care as well as maternal-newborn health.

In an effort to explicate the complexities of the social realities often embedded in nursing research, Etowa also uses mixed research methods including integration of both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Her employment history spans across international boundaries. As a registered nurse (RN), a midwife, a lactation consultant, a researcher and an educator, Etowa has worked in various capacities within the Canadian health care system. Prior to her present appointment, she worked as an Associate Professor of Nursing at Dalhousie University's Faculty of Health Professions. She holds an honorary appointment with the IWK Health Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


  • health and healthcare
  • inequities in health and healthcare
  • diversity in nursing
  • women's health
  • midwife
  • healthcare for Black Canadians
  • health of Black women and HIV
  • COVID and healthcare inequities
  • systemic racism in healthcare
  • capacity building to respond to Black Canadians' health needs during COVID
  • impact of COVID-19 on Black communities

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