Tammy Sweeney

Chief Executive Officer, TCU Place

Hospitality, trade and tourism industries, events, facilities, community engagement, economic impact, community leadership


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SaskTel Centre, TCU Place dealing with pandemic deficits


As the CEO of TCU Place, and a strong leader in the tourism industry, Tammy Sweeney has worked through many channels to leverage and share the positive impact that tourism can bring to a community. Sweeney has worked with key stakeholders in three different cities across three provinces to bring events or facilities to the communities that both enrich and elevate them. She shares experiences gained from 20+ years in the hospitality, trade, and tourism industries in a variety of leadership roles; 15 years of volunteer experience as a board member; and over 15 years in human resources, building solid teams and strong organization. Sweeney has the ability to weave this experience into relevant stories that impact our communities today – particularly as these areas try to rebuild post COVID.


  • hospitality
  • trade and tourism industries
  • events
  • facilities
  • community engagement
  • economic impact
  • community leadership

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