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Brea Hutchinson

Director of Operations, Women's Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF)

sexual assault , gender based violence (GBV), survivors of sexual assault, anti-trans violence, transphobia, transinclusion in feminist movement, non profit and charitable operations


Sexual Assault Centre Kingston says lifting publication ban in sexsomnia case a good thing

Sexual Assault Centre Kingston points to rising statistics as evidence for continued funding

Sexual assault reports up more than 50 per cent in Kingston, Ont.

Calls to Kingston crisis lines increase during COVID-19 pandemic


Brea Hutchinson has more than ten years of frontline and grassroots non profit and charitable leadership experience. From being the Executive Director at the Kingston Sexual Assault Centre to Director of Operations at a national charity, Hutchinson brings both client-level expertise and large-scale understanding of how policies, laws, and plans impact the movement for a country free of violence.


  • sexual assault
  • gender based violence (GBV)
  • survivors of sexual assault
  • anti-trans violence
  • transphobia
  • transinclusion in feminist movement
  • non-profit and charitable operations

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