Dr. Erin Tolley

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Carleton University

Expert on race, gender and diversity in Canadian politics


Monocle Radio, September 26, 2015Radio/Podcast

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Analysis segment with Steven Bloomfield and John Doyle

Newsrooms not keeping up with changing demographics, study suggests

Racialized and women politics still get different news treatment

Journalists inherit ‘institutional blindspots’ that cloud coverage of race in politics, says media expert

Immigration, Integration, and Inclusion in Ontario Cities
by Caroline Andrew, John Biles, Meyer Burstein, Vicki Esses and Erin Tolley
Queen's Policy Studies/Metro Project
February 4, 2013

Ontario receives the majority of newcomers to Canada, and its cities are a locus of diversity. Recognizing that the building and sustenance of "welcoming communities" is as much a local project as a national and provincial one, this volume explores the activities of municipal governments in Ontario as well as those of a number of other important "social forces" situated at the local level. Twelve city case studies are guided by a common template to facilitate comparisons and allow for an overall mapping of the players and a better estimation of the investments -- human and financial - that are required for the successful integration and inclusion of newcomers and minorities in Ontario cities. The conclusion provides a sense of the relative success (or failure) that Ontario cities have had in the creation of welcoming and inclusive communities.

Immigrant Settlement Policy in Canadian Municipalities (Fields of Governance: Policy Making in Canadian Municipalities)
by Erin Tolley and Robert Young
McGill-Queen's University Press
June 30, 2011

Drawing on a great many in-depth interviews with government officials and front-line workers, contributors provide a comparative assessment of approaches to immigrant settlement in nineteen Canadian municipalities. This is complemented by a discussion of the federal government's role in this policy field, and by a comprehensive introduction and conclusion, which ground the book historically and thematically, synthesize its key findings, and provide recommendations for addressing the challenges related to intergovernmental cooperation, settlement service delivery, and overall immigrant outcomes. Individual chapters examine the mechanics of public policy-making but also tell a story about diverse and innovative approaches to immigrant settlement in Canada's towns and cities, about gaps and problems in the system, and about the ways in which governments and communities are working together to facilitate integration. Contributors include Zainab Amery (Carleton University), Caroline Andrew (University of Ottawa), Guy Chiasson (Université du Québec en Outaouais), Rodney Haddow (University of Toronto), Rachida Abdourhamane Hima (Government of Canada), Christine Hughes (Carleton University), Serena Kataoka (University of Victoria), Junichiro Koji (University of Ottawa), Warren Magnusson (University of Victoria), Daiva Stasiulis (Carleton University), Erin Tolley (Queen's University), and Robert Young (University of Western Ontario).

Framed: Media and the Coverage of Race in Canadian Politics
by Erin Tolley
UBC Press

Electing a Diverse Canada: The Representation of Immigrants, Minorities, and Women
UBC Press


Erin Tolley is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Carleton University. Her research examines the impact of socio-demographic diversity on Canadian politics, and she has looked extensively at race and gender in politics. Tolley provides media commentary and analysis on: diversity and Canadian political institutions; the representation of women and minorities in Canadian politics; media coverage of women and minorities in politics; immigration, citizenship and multiculturalism policy. Tolley's work has appeared in the Canadian Journal of Political Science, the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, and Migration Policy Research. She is the author or co-author of 12 peer-reviewed book chapters, and the co-editor of five books.


2017 Donald Smiley Prize | Professional

Awarded by the Canadian Political Science Association for the Best Book on Canadian Government or Politics

2017 Donald Smiley Prize | Professional

Awarded by the Canadian Political Science Association for the Best Book on Canadian Government or Politics

Additional Titles and Affiliations

Advisory Board, Federation of Canadian Municipalities Diverse Voices for Change

Board of Directors, Canadian Political Science Association

Research Grants

"How Much of Politics is Local?"

Organization: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council


with Marc André Bodet, François Gelineau and Melanee Thomas

"When Politicians Attack"

Organization: Social Science and Humanities Research Council


with Randy Besco


  • Women in Politics
  • Immigration and multiculturalism
  • Diversity
  • Canadian Politics


  • University of Saskatchewan
    Political Studies
    BA (High Honours)

  • University of Western Ontario
    Political Science

  • Queen's University
    Political Science