Eugenia Addy

Chief Executive Officer, Visions of Science Network for Learning

STEM learning and education, Science, Equity, Youth, Community engagement, Not-for-profit


U of T alumna fosters next generation of scientists through Visions of Science

Eugenia Duodu: From UTM to CEO

Growing up in community housing, I had to fight for my education. Now, as a chemist, I bring STEM learning to low-income kids


Eugenia Duodu is the CEO of Visions of Science Network for Learning, a charitable organization that empowers youth from low-income communities through meaningful engagement in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). She devotes her time to community and global outreach initiatives, and participates on various boards, organizations, and councils. She is an advocate for education and creating equitable opportunities for youth to achieve their full potential. Duodu holds both an HB.Sc. in Chemistry and Biology and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Toronto.


  • STEM learning and education
  • Science
  • Equity
  • Youth
  • Community engagement
  • Not-for-profit

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