Isabelle Perreault

CEO and Founder of Differly, focused on growth and innovation., Differly Inc.

I am an entrepreneur, an expert in technology, entrepreneurship, small business strategies, customer experience and innovation. I have dedicated my career to helping leaders and organizations become more competitive in a digital economy.

Mother of three daugthers, ex competitive boxer, Board Chair of the Youth Services Bureau Foundation of Ottawa.
Go to Market coach and mentor to several startup incubators.


Coronavirus outbreak: Which businesses will survive the COVID-19 pandemic?

Interview with Global News re: businesses and industries that will survive in a digital economy.

In the digital economy, SMEs must be fast followers

Globe and Mail, May 16, 2018Print


Op Ed published in the Globe and Mail's Report on Business.

Setting Up A Virtual Event? 15 Common Mistakes To Avoid , January 11, 2021Online


Organizing a virtual event may seem easier than a physical event as there are several items you don’t have to worry about, such as location, authorizations, catering, security and more. However, planning a great virtual event can be just as time-consuming and difficult when it comes to keeping participants engaged all the way to the end.

14 Effective Ways To Tie A Social Mission Into Your Business

Forbes , January 25, 2021Online


Business has always been about providing customers with quality goods and services. In the past, customers may have been satisfied purchasing from companies that met their needs, but today, more consumers take an interest in the social practices of the businesses they buy from.

Sidestepping the status quo: Ottawa’s Isabelle Perreault creates career in transformation

Ottawa Business Journal, November 10, 2016Online


In the span of a week, Isabelle Perreault can wear many hats and, at times, even medals. Isabelle Perreault is the vice-president and practice lead for digital transformation at Stratford Managers. She’s a digital advisor, community volunteer and championship boxer with a passion for business and self-improvement. More at:

In the digital economy, SMEs must be fast followers

The Globe and Mail, March 15, 2016Online


A 1-per-cent increase in labour productivity from adopting advanced technologies would yield $8-billion for the Canadian economy, according to a report released last week. The Information and Communications Technology Council’s (ICTC) 2015 labour market outlook also confirmed that small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – the bedrock of our economy – aren’t embracing digital technologies as fast as they should...

Why we Need Leaders with a Digital Mindset

Published by Blueprint

January 9, 2017

Just as Billy Joel coined the term “New York State of Mind”, the Fourth Revolution might be associated with a “Digital State of Mind”. The major drivers of disruption – social media, big data, mobility (anywhere, anytime computing), cloud and now AI and robotics – have radically changed how we work, the nature of competition and customer expectations. With technology changing so fast, it is easy to think that mastering these drivers is the main path to success. However, an increasing amount of research is pointing to the fact that leaders are the true differentiators.


Number One Challenge in Driving Digital Performance: Building a Common Vision with Organization-Wide Collaboration

Published by Stratford Managers Corporation

August 4, 2015

Stratford Managers Corporation conducted a Digital Maturity AssessmentTM with over 75 professional and college sport teams and venues. Building a common vision with organization-wide collaboration is the number one challenge in driving digital performance according to the leaders in the Sports and Entertainment Industry...


Five Key Steps to Define, Measure and Manage Member Engagement

Published by Stratford Managers

May 26, 2016

While there is little debate that engaging members ultimately allows the organization to deliver on its mandate, there is less consensus on the definition of member engagement itself. In our view, the definition of “engagement” is very specific to every association. At its core, engagement is about an exchange of value. The members give time and money in exchange for value from their association. And more than ever “time” is the real asset in that equation. In an effort to further understand member engagement, we’ve outlined five key steps that create a pragmatic framework from which to start.


Are You an Armchair Quarterback in the Digital Economy?

Published by Stratford Managers Corporation

August 10, 2015

Many of us are “armchair quarterbacks” (“chesterfield goaltenders” in Canada). It’s easy to criticize the pros from the comfort of our living rooms. But deep down we know that there’s a thing or two we could learn from even the most novice professional athlete. Here’s what professional sports teams can teach us about the use of digital technology in business...



Isabelle Perrault helps business owners and leaders re-think their business models for the digital age. Her mission is to help leaders navigate the massive change brought about by technology for the good of their business, their customers and society as a whole.

After 15 years leading the marketing and digital strategies at various organizations such as the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, Perrault launched one of the first Digital Transformation Practices in Canada in 2014. In 2018, she launched Differly, a growth and innovation firm.

Isabelle is also the Chair of the Ottawa Youth Services Bureau Foundation Board of Directors.


Most innovation woman in digital transformation consulting Canada | Professional

Isabelle has been named one of the world’s most influential businesswomen by Acquisition International (a UK-based magazine). Specifically, the magazine calls her the “most innovative woman in digital transformation consulting in Canada.” (She’s humbled as you might expect. And she’s sharing the accolades, which is also true to form.)

You can read the article announcing the award on page 18 of the Acquisition International magazine

Now, this honour may not come as a surprise to those of us who get to work with Isabelle every day. We witness her perseverance. We appreciate her unwavering dedication to clients big and small. And we see her live the commitment to thinking ‘differently'.

"As a global pandemic continues to cause massive socio-economic disruptions the world over, it has never been more important to innovate both as individuals and as a business", says Isabelle.

Thought Leadership | Professional

Isabelle Perreault, expert in digital business models, digital by default operating models and marketing. She has received two Excellence Awards from the International Association of Business Communications for digital communications, was profiled in the Ottawa Business Journal and Le Droit (in Ottawa) as a thought leader, has been published in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business, Le Droit, Global News TV and Global News Radio; has been an expert for CBC syndication and Radio-Canada and is a regular speaker at industry events and conferences.

Additional Titles and Affiliations

Women in Communications and Technology Member

Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa Foundation : Board Member

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Ottawa : Past President

Past Talks

Leadership in a Digital Age

CIO Summit of Canada


FWD50 Canada's Digital Government Conference


CIO Summit of Canada


Keynote Presentation: All Business is Show Business, Municipal Customer Experience

City of Ottawa Conference

Ottawa, Ontario, October 26, 2015

Lecture: Digital Transformation and Business Models

Digital Marketing Series

University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management, January 9, 2017

Digital Maturity Assessment of Professional Sports Teams

Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology Annual Conference

Ottawa, Ontario, July 19, 2015

Digital Maturity in the Association Sector

Engaging Associations Forum

Ottawa, July 22, 2016

Digital Transformation and Culture Shift

Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology

Las Vegas, July 19, 2016

Building your DigitalIQ

Ottawa Business Summit

Ottawa, Ontario, September 30, 2015

Anything but business as usual:

uOttawa Enterpreneur Hub

University of Ottawa, October 22, 2015


  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Strategies
  • Technology
  • Technology Adoption
  • Social & Digital Strategy
  • Connected Consumers and Behaviour
  • Data and Analytics
  • Emerging Digital Technology Trends
  • Disruption
  • Leadership in the digital economy


  • Columbia Business School
    Certification, Digital Strategies for Business: Leading the Next Generation Enterprise, 2017
  • University of Ottawa
    Communications with Honours in New Media
    B.A., 1997