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Julia Chung

CEO & Financial Planner, Spring Planning & Admin Slayer Services

Julia Chung is CEO of both Spring Plans, an advice-only financial planning firm, and Admin Slayer, a virtual business services company. Both companies are innovative in their fields, 100% Canadian, and women-owned and women-led. Chung is a regular speaker and writer on business, personal finance, tax, company culture, divorce, leadership, and more.


PowHERtalks | Julia Chung

Julia Chung is a Wealth Management Strategist who enjoys creating businesses like JYC Financial and Admin Slayer as well as helping others to build their own. Outside of work, you can find Julia solo-parenting, writing, fiddling with guitars and finding refuge on the Sunshine Coast. In her PowHERtalk, 'Startups: 4 Things To Get Over', Julia shares some valuable insights and lessons learned.

PowHERtalks | Julia Chung

Julia Chung is the Founder of JYC Financial & Co-Founder of Admin Slayer. She is a Wealth Strategist, Business Builder & Entrepreneur. In her PowHERtalk, Think Big: Our Responsibility - Our Mission, Julia encourages entrepreneurial women to play a bigger game.

Because Money, November 2, 2016Radio/Podcast


Julia Chung joined the Because Money Podcast to talk Cross Border Planning and play a quick game of Financial False Equivalents.

Design Thinking: Planning Your Estate

Spring Plans, June 20, 2019Online


But, as I’m sure we’ve told you before, planning for your eventual departure is truly one of the most loving and thoughtful things you can do for your family and friends. Estate management is often a lot more difficult than it needs to be, since there are many boxes to check – from taxes, to law, through just trying to end your cell phone contract – and without a roadmap of where all the things are and what you wanted done with them, your people are going to be even more frustrated than the loss of you has already made them.

Design Thinking: Taxes

Spring Plans, April 22, 2019Online


As Canadians, we may have love-hate relationships with taxes. Or, like many of our cousins to the south, just flat-out hate-hate relationships. Regardless of how we might feel about taxes, they’re a part of our lives. We can choose to ignore them, we can choose to simply tolerate them, or… we can choose to own our approach to taxes and apply (you guessed it!) a design thinking mindset.

Planning Like a Boss

Admin Slayer, March 31, 2017Online


Planning of any kind - business, financial, personal - actively creates success. The truth is that creating and making use of plans (reviewing, updating) actually improves whatever aspect of your world that you’re working on. It doesn’t have to be boring, and it doesn’t have to be restrictive. A plan is simply a map, not a cage.

Disruptive Collaboration

Admin Slayer, April 28, 2017Online


You need teammates who share your values, and value your customers. By working with the right people to disrupt an industry, the industry becomes stronger, more work is created for everyone, customers receive better service and products - and they keep coming back for more.

Calm the @#$% down

Admin Slayer, May 31, 2017Online


Sometimes, it feels like doing something is better than doing nothing, but the reality is… doing nothing is better than doing something wrong. A little rest, lifting your foot off of that gas pedal, and giving yourself some breathing room can be the most effective bit of work you’ve done in weeks.

Use Your Words

Admin Slayer, September 4, 2017Online


Addressing conflict early can minimize the damage, and demonstrate that you’re invested in the relationship, and in doing the hard work of communicating with kindness. Oh, and you don’t need to apologize - especially for doing your job.

Sustainable Growth: What to do When You Have More Business Than You Can Handle

Admin Slayer, October 3, 2017Online


In the beginning, you could barely get anyone to talk to you. You sent proposals, you tried to make connections, you networked like a demon. Then suddenly....all the chickens came home to roost. How do you capitalize on all of this amazing growth, without going crazy, burning out, disappointing customers, or alienating your team?

Your Ideal Customer: The Importance of Defining Your Target Market

Admin Slayer, November 24, 2017Online


In the beginning, when the doors of your business open, your love of your product or service may know no bounds. This thing you’re doing, it is so amazing and so universally necessary, that the whole idea of “niche marketing” is ludicrous. Your ideal customer or client is everyone.

Building Confidence Into Your Calendar

Admin Slayer, December 13, 2017Online


How Much Capacity Does One Human Have? The answer is: It’s different for everyone. Each of us has different skill sets, different time constraints, and different capacity. Knowing our own capacities, our strengths, and our limitations is one of the keys to great success, both personally and professionally.

Building Confidence Into Your Calendar

Admin SlayerOnline


How Much Capacity Does One Human Have? The answer is: It’s different for everyone. Each of us has different skill sets, different time constraints, and different capacity. Knowing our own capacities, our strengths, and our limitations is one of the keys to great success, both personally and professionally.

How Not to be an Asshat Leader

Admin Slayer, January 4, 2018Online


Now that you’re at a place where you lead a team, we want to make sure you don’t become one of those leaders. You know who we mean. The ones that got your behind-the-back eyerolls. The ones you bitched about after work. The ones that drove you to create a business where NO ONE would ever, ever, ever feel the way you felt on that day.

Important Changes to the Principal Residence Exemption

Spring Plans, December 15, 2016Online


On October 3, 2016, Finance Minister Morneau announced new measures to address the housing market, with the intention of improving fairness and integrity of the tax system as it relates to the principal residence exemption. The changes include new reporting requirements, modifications to the calculation of the tax-free amount for individuals based on a residency requirements, and an extension to the period in which a reassessment may occur.

Capital Dividend Account: Changes to Note

Spring Plans, December 15, 2016Online


The March 22, 2016 federal budget has resulted in significant changes to the credit to the capital dividend account arising upon the receipt of life insurance proceeds. While these proposals are not yet final, it is expected they will be enacted before the end of 2016 with certain retroactive effect.

Life Insurance as an Investment

Spring Plans, May 17, 2017Online


We get asked about this every once in a while. Life Insurance and its salespeople get a bad rap. Some of it is incredibly well-deserved, and some of it is just not. Here’s a breakdown of some life insurance basics that you should understand.

Planning for Summer... Within Reason

Spring Plans, June 25, 2017Online


Summer is pretty exciting for most of us here in Canada. No matter which province or territory you live in, the season is often short and spectacular. We save so many things for summer, from barbecues and weddings to vacation days and that book we always wanted to...

Income Splitting with Spousal Loans

Spring Plans, August 21, 2017Online


Ah, tax strategies. Eyed with hopeful suspicion by the uninitiated, a tax strategy can feel like a fun Spy Vs. Spy game - but that other spy? That’s the government. Many a newly minted spy would consider backing away from anything that might have you facing that...

The Family Cottage

Spring Plans, September 26, 2017Online


One of the great joys of summer for many Canadian families is a family cottage, cabin, or camp. No matter what name you may give the place where your clan gets together to enjoy the outdoors and each other, it’s often an important part of who you are, and how your...

Is my pension...a pension?

Spring PlansOnline


“I have a pension through my employer,” says Tim*, in a recent call. “But I don’t understand it.” If you’re like Tim, you’re not alone. In Canada, we have many different potential sources for retirement income, with all kinds of different names. Pensions can be...

What Happens If I Don't Have a Will?

Spring Plans, November 21, 2017Online


Very few people get excited about estate planning, except for financial planners, and we’re admittedly strange folks. Talking about and planning for the moment of your death is not only dark and creepy but also kind of boring - unless you’re the type who gets super...

The Three Certainties (Death, Taxes & Change)

Spring Plans, December 14, 2017Online


At the end of the year, things get undeniably gloomy - particularly on the southern west coast, where we like to brag about our summers and lack of snow, brushing aside any mention of the solid six to eight months of grey skies and relentless rain that can only come...

Managing Uncertainty

Spring Plans, January 22, 2018Online


Oh, January. The calendar New Year starts smack-dab in the middle of winter, and as much as we try to gear up and get excited about this first month, there’s something so exhausting about January. It’s cold. The bills from the holidays are rolling in. We had holidays...

The Surprising Downside of a Sunny Retirement

BBC Capital, March 8, 2016Online


“One of the issues there is when you’re considered a resident of most countries in the world, you have to file taxes there,” said Julia Chung, a financial and estate planner with JYC Financial in Surrey, British Columbia, in Canada. “We have a lot of Canadian residents that are just finding out they’re supposed to file a tax return with the US every year. It’s a huge problem up here.”

Pricing in Terms of Hours Worked

Global News, November 13, 2014Online


“This can help remind individuals that every dollar they spend is representative of the hard work that they put in to create that dollar,” said financial and estate planning expert Julia Chang. “This can be particularly helpful for those who do a great deal of online shopping, and may be particularly useful for the rising generation of digital natives who rarely use physical money.”

Getting Over Good Enough: Why We Deserve More

Entrepreneur Mom Now, November 7, 2016Online


Statistics Canada’s 2007 report on Women in Business found that women view growth to be less important, less likely, and of lower value than men in business. Women indicated that they viewed the personal demands related to growth as negative, and stressful. An overwhelming 84% of women reported that they felt that their businesses had reached a comfortable size, and that they wouldn’t be growing any further.

Create Retirement Stability for Gen X, May 26, 2014Online


Gen Xers who are 20 to 25 years away from retirement are best positioned to take advantage of these policies, says Chung, because they require years of consistent contributions. But clients may find it difficult to make steady payments as years pass and unexpected life events occur, she says.

Are You Saving Enough for Your Child's Post Secondary Education?

Global News, November 25, 2014Online


“Many parents are in a very tight cash flow situation in the first few years of a child’s life, as they are often going from two incomes to one income,” said financial planner Julia Chung. “The savings need to be reasonable given the individual situation.”

Women & Money
by Julia Chung, Krysten Merriman, Sandi Martin
Modern Advisor
March 18, 2016

The Women & Money ebook was released on International Women's Day 2016 as a free resource for women to gain basic knowledge in financial planning, negotiating salaries, building their personal brand, tackling debt, basic cash flow managing, savings, and risk.

The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide
by Julia Chung, Krysten Merriman
Admin Slayer Services Inc.
December 5, 2017

In our second ebook, we went out to the strategic partners we know, love, and recommend, and asked them to give us their best one or two page rundown on what they think you need to know.

This ebook is fat, but somehow manages to be an easy read, with advice on:
- Getting funding & investing in your business
- Strategy & planning
- Leadership & managing growth
- Culture & Human Resources
- Personal Development & Self Care
- Marketing
... and of course, our favourite: Productivity & Efficiency. We gave you an accompanying workbook so you can pull that information to work in your business and your life - right now.

The Art of Delegation
by Julia Chung, Krysten Merriman, Shannon Cassidy
Admin Slayer Services Inc.
June 1, 2016

Admin Slayer Services' very first ebook, released in 2016, is chock-full of everything you need to know about:

- Focusing your time & energy on work that only you can do and that you do best
- How to actually delegate (it's tougher than it sounds)
- How to work with a virtual team, including a cost-benefit analysis

Plus productivity tips and resources, and worksheets you can use to implement all that knowledge, right now.


Julia Chung is a highly educated, experienced professional specializing in personal finance, multi-generational family wealth, legacy, succession planning, and organizational behaviour. Her passion and drive to help people achieve is evidenced in her business, speaking, volunteer, and educational life.

Chung founded JYC Financial in 2011. In 2017, she & her partner Krysten Merriman merged the practice with that of Sandi Martin, co-founding Spring Financial Planning, a financial planning firm offering advice-only personal finance services. Today it boasts a robust team of financial experts and professional support staff.

Chung co-founded Admin Slayer, a virtual business services company, in 2015 with her partners Krysten Merriman, Shannon Cassidy, & Tracey Yurkin. Serving more than 140 companies globally, Admin Slayer is a team of "slayers" - professional administrators & bookkeepers.

Chung co-authored the ebooks “Women & Money”, “The Art of Delegation”, and "The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide" with her partners at Spring and Admin Slayer. She has held the role of Business Editor for Gazette & PowHerHouse magazines. She is a Board Member for the Family Enterprise Xchange, Vice President and Board Member for the Financial Planning Standards Council, Media Ambassador for FP Canada, a mentor through several organizations, and a volunteer with Junior Achievement BC, a financial literacy program for children.

Chung’s lifelong dedication to education has provided her with multiple designations and a thirst for knowledge that has extended her expertise beyond any single area, allowing her to analyze and advise from multiple perspectives.

Chung’s unique ability is “Manifesting the Improbable”. She relishes challenge, and is especially excited by opportunities that start with someone saying, “You can’t do that.”


Wealth Professional | Female Trailblazer of the Year | Finalist 2020 and 2019 | Professional

Wealth Professional: Finalist - "Young Gun of the Year" | Professional

Award of excellence for the outstanding young advisor. This accolade goes to an industry player under 40 who has best excelled at pushing the envelope with innovation and growth, garnering industry attention, the the respect of peers.

Wealth Professional: Finalist - Award for Engagement, Loyalty & Client Care | Professional

To succeed in today’s marketplace client engagement, loyalty & client care are critical. This Award has emerged from the need for Advisor and offices to excel in these crucial areas. The Award of excellence dedicated to outstanding engagement & loyalty programs plus first class client care service by an advisor or individual office. Client service is an important measure of any office's long-term success.

Wealth Professional: Finalist - Award for Engagement, Loyalty & Client Care | Professional

To succeed in today’s marketplace client engagement, loyalty & client care are critical. This Award has emerged from the need for Advisor and offices to excel in these crucial areas. The Award of excellence dedicated to outstanding engagement & loyalty programs plus first class client care service by an advisor or individual office. Client service is an important measure of any office's long-term success.

Top 40 Under 40: Nominee | Professional

Award for entrepreneurs, executives & professionals under age 40 who have demonstrated excellence in business, judgement, leadership, and community contribution.

Hot List 2016: One of the 50 Leading Figures in Canadian Wealth Management | Professional

The 50 men and women who made the cut this year exert considerable influence on the financial planning industry. That includes advisors and executives, of course, but also regulators, educators and government ministers, past and present. The industry is changing rapidly; those who can adapt best to new regulatory pressures and harness the constant upgrades in technology will be the ones who shape the future of wealth management.

Additional Titles and Affiliations

Media Ambassador - FP Canada

Vice President & Board Member - Financial Planning Association of Canada

Board Member - Family Enterprise Xchange

Past Talks

Separation & Divorce Planning

STEP Vancouver Separation & Divorce Planning Seminar


A Business Worth Selling

CPA Ontario Practice Management Summit

Blue Mountain

Women & Money

CPA Ontario Women in Business Summit


Women @ Google Summit - Personal Finance Workshop

Women @ Google Summit

Google HQ Toronto

Cash Flow Planning

Adulting Series

Allan Financial

Women in Wealth Conference

Women in Wealth Conference




Victoria BC, June 17, 2016



Sechelt BC, November 20, 2015



Vancouver, BC, January 27, 2016


  • Retirement Planning
  • Women in Business
  • Women & Leadership
  • Tax Planning
  • Small Business
  • Productivity
  • Personal Finance
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  • Family Business Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Cross Border Planning
  • Entrepreneur


  • UBC Sauder School of Business
    Family Enterprise
    Family Enterprise Advisor Designation (FEA), 2013

    The Business Families Centre’s FEA Program augments formidable technical skills with strategies and tools to incorporate social and human considerations into the trusted advisor role. This program uses a multi-disciplinary approach where advisors learn to integrate their own discipline with those of other professionals in order to provide collaborative and complementary advice to business family clients. Courses include: Business Family Dynamics, Family Enterprise Strategy, Business Boards & Family Councils, Multi-Disciplinary Advising, Facilitation & Communication Skills, and Continuity Planning.

  • The Institute for Advanced Financial Education
    Estate Planning
    Chartered Life Underwriter Designation (CLU), 2011

    The Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) is a professional financial advisor specializing in developing effective solutions for individuals, business owners and professionals in the areas of income replacement, risk management, estate planning, and wealth transfer. For more than 80 years, the CLU designation has been widely recognized as a mark of excellence in the industry. Courses in this program include: All courses in the CFP program plus Advanced Taxation, Law and Advanced Estate Planning.

  • Financial Planning Standards Council
    Financial Planning
    Certified Financial Planner Designation (CFP), 2009

    Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Certification is the industry gold standard in financial planning. CFP professionals are the largest identifiable body of licensed financial planners in Canada with over 17,500 individuals meeting the strict standards to attain this designation. Courses in the CFP program include: Financial Planning Fundamentals, Contemporary Practices in Financial Planning, Comprehensive Practices in Risk & Retirement Planning, and Wealth Management & Estate Planning.

  • CPA British Columbia
    Corporate Finance
    CFO Operational Skills, 2014

    Core CFO Competencies including: Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Operational & Financial Tools, Cash Management, Internal Controls, Treasury, Capital Markets, Financial Instruments, Behavioural Finance, Culture, Reporting & Communicating Results, Gaps in GAAP, Managing Intellectual Property.

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