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by Shari Graydon

In a world wrestling with the challenges presented by massive oil spills, dramatic climate change, a vulnerable global economy and food and water shortages, we need truly “informed opinions” more than ever.

And we need them to reflect and consider the full breadth and diversity of human perspective and experience.

But even in the most equitable of countries, the news sources wielding the most influence are woefully inadequate in this regard. Although women make up 51% of the planet’s population, our views on a broad range of issues are woefully absent from the public discourse. And that’s a problem – for all of us.

Informed Opinions – an initiative of Media Action – aims to help change the imbalance. This site explains why and how– and what you can do to contribute.

We hope you’ll spend a few minutes checking out what we’re up to, and we welcome your feedback, ideas and support.

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