Helping journalists, producers and conference planners find the female guests, speakers and expert sources they need.


Informed Opinions is seeking to achieve gender balance in public discourse by 2025. Help us amplify women’s voices for a more democratic Canada.

through Canada Helps (click on Donate Now button above) or by cheque. We will be delighted to issue you a tax receipt.

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By 2025, Informed Opinions aims to have bridged the gender gap in Canadian opinion media. Wouldn’t you like to be able to say, “I helped make that happen”?

Lean and efficient, we currently operate without core funding on a cost-recovery basis. As a charitable project, we can offer tax receipts to supporters who believe that seeing and hearing from more female role models will make Canada more equitable and democratic.

Even small, individual donations make a difference to our ability to amplify women’s voices.

$60 — pays for the kind of editing support that increases the chances a woman’s commentary will be published;

$150 — pays for 2 months of database management, surveying and email dissemination support;

$250 — permits an NGO leader without resources to learn how to use op eds to draw attention to issues she’s working to change;

$1,000 — funds a customized webinar for women in a remote area;

$3,000 — trains 10 women to write commentary or increase their effectiveness in media interviews; and

$5,000 or more gives you input into how we make best use of your generosity!