Communicate strategically – Read this

Critical feedback is one key to success

“Great lectures, bad hair.”

Clearly, I’m no Einstein, but in the fight for my most memorable student evaluation as a university communications instructor, that comment from 1992 runs neck and neck with this one from 1998…


7 Ways to Get Heard at Meetings

You can tell how old this Punch cartoon is by the honorific applied to the sidelined “Miss” Triggs.


Making smart advice irresistible

Up until this week, Rob Ford’s life experience — elected office, crack cocaine, domestic abuse — had little intersection with mine. But hearing his contention that he’d been “profiled” for the jaywalking ticket he received while in BC took me back.

TL;DR – advice to ignore, but implications to heed

Hanging out with teenagers can be an enlightening experience.

Lessons in persuasion continued…

What if you don’t have time to write an op ed but one of the issues you care most – and know lots – about is in the news?

NY gay marriage bill: persuasion in action

Who wouldn’t like to be a more persuasive communicator? In every aspect of our personal and professional lives – from seducing a beloved or winning a promotion to controlling the TV remote or getting your way at the Air Canada counter – our ability to marshal words into sentences that compel others to think as we do, or do as we’d like, makes us more effective.

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