We’re Documenting the Real Life Impacts of Online Hate

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You’re Not Alone

73% of women are abused online worldwide, according to the UN Broadband Commission’s report.

Your experiences – combined with many others’ – are critically needed to amplify the real-life impacts of online hate.

Join this urgent movement. Demand action for change.

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Why is this research important? 

No one is documenting the devastating impact of technology-facilitated violence against women. 

We need a critical mass of evidence – YOUR evidence – to pressure governments and social media platforms to make the changes necessary so every woman can speak free from online hate.

One person’s experience is easy to dismiss. But, data shared by thousands paints a powerful picture that’s impossible to ignore. Demand that policy makers and platforms recognize: 

  • Who is being targeted

  • What kind of abuse we’re facing

  • How it’s impacting our lives

  • How it threatens equality gains that took decades to achieve

  • Why they must act now



Your Privacy is Important to Us. 

This survey and the VIRO (Virtual Incident Reporting Operation) app (currently in development) are key elements of Informed Opinions’ Toxic Hush campaign to fight online abuse by:

  1. Collecting compelling evidence of the devastating impact of online hate;

  2. Producing and disseminating powerful resources documenting its devastating impact;

  3. Equipping citizens with the understanding and evidence to demand platform accountability;

  4. Helping to inform government efforts to make platforms accountable 

In the process of collecting evidence of online abuse, we are NOT gathering identifying data (no names or contact information of any kind).