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More women’s voices shaping Canada’s public conversations

In the 10 years since Informed Opinions began training women across sectors and fields to share their insights and analysis with the media, we’ve delivered almost 250 workshops to more than 3500 participants. More than half of those sessions have focused on a five-step process designed to support subject matter experts in translating their knowledge […]

The upside of getting outside (of your comfort zone)

I’m embarrassed to confess how long it’s taken me to wake up to this revelation. I ask women every day to step out of their comfort zones and speak up about things they know to be important — to share their insights, challenge ignorance, and make change. But recently it occurred to me that I […]

Running to catch the light — and creating the “Transformational 20s”

Is patience still a virtue?  When teaching kids, or walking behind those forced by age or disability to slow down, absolutely. But as Australia burns, and bellicose men on either side of the world threaten war, I feel with greater urgency than ever that change can’t happen quickly enough. My partner would tell you that […]

Cry if you want to: Anatomy of a 15-minute high-stakes keynote

I don’t recommend crying on stage if you can avoid it. So I didn’t. But I wanted to. Last month, I got to deliver a 15-minute TED-style talk to a global leadership conference hosted by the International Women’s Forum. The IWF’s 1100-plus attendees were assembled in a cavernous Toronto hotel ballroom featuring massive screens designed […]

So, you want to be on television…

Good news: we have some strategies to help you get there. But first, some context. For three years in the mid-1980s, I worked for the world’s largest PR agency. My job consisted of getting client spokespeople on TV, on radio and in the newspaper. Before social media democratized people’s ability to get attention, big corporations […]

Democracy needs women; snowplowing policy proves it

Can snowplowing be sexist? Even if you live in Ottawa, a city that removes snow from its downtown core with military precision, you’ve probably never asked yourself that. Until I read Caroline Criado Perez’s Invisible Women – Data Bias in a World Designed for Men, it had never occurred to me to pose the question […]

Clear speech advocate writes; Twitter sh*t storm erupts.

These are just a few of the exchanges provoked by the Toronto Star’s recent publication of a commentary I wrote about the downside of filler phrases. Many of those who responded on Twitter took issue with my apparent ageism. (Although I referenced recent interaction with young people, I also mentioned that the habit isn’t confined to […]

Featuring more female sources could increase your audience engagement, research suggests

This article was originally published on Poynter What would happen if news media struggling to survive applied the productivity mantra “What gets measured gets done” to the sources they quote? Business research, Hollywood sales data and anecdotal evidence from the news industry itself all suggest it’s worth a try. In many western democracies — the United […]

Here’s what you missed…

Business people, bureaucrats and board members, researchers, equality advocates and journalists — that’s who showed up on February 4th at Ottawa’s Rideau Club for the launch of the Gender Gap Tracker.  They came to celebrate the application of big data analytics to achieving gender equality in public discourse. And they stayed to watch an Informed Conversation […]

In numbers there is strength – how big data can help close the gender gap in Canadian journalism

This article was originally published in The Ottawa Citizen We hear a lot these days about how artificial intelligence is taking away jobs and making it easy for foreign powers to hack democracy. But some scientists are hunched over their computers in an effort to harness the power of big data analytics for social good. A […]

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