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9 tips to improve the chances of getting your op ed published

In the dog days of summer 2017, when many people were at the beach, or glued to the media coverage of Charlottesville’s neo-Nazi march and the shocking response from the leader of the free world, a small posse of women with informed opinions were speaking up to make change. University of Ottawa law prof, Liz […]

Women need to let go of perfectionism: it’s the enemy of good (and of engagement)

Why would 80 women who spend most of their working hours talking to people from the front of a room be nervous enough about their speaking ability to sign up for a presentation skills workshop? I asked myself this the first time the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) hired me to deliver such workshops. […]

Mama Bear Instincts in Action

In honour of Mother’s Day, I’m sharing a tribute to my own, which was originally published as the postscript/dedication to my most recent book, OMG! What if I really AM the best person? My mother was extremely proud of her nurses training and the use she put it to. But in 1959, as she lay […]

What Impact are We Having? What More Can We Do?

We recently surveyed hundreds of women who’ve participated in our workshops and remained on our mailing list. Email overflow and work-life demands being what they are, we were happy to log 57 responses from women in 16 cities across the country. They gave us insight into what use they’ve made of the training we deliver, […]

On Personal Branding, Being Authentic, and Avoiding Irrelevancy

I’m speaking to a select group of rising star business women. In mid-sentence, I pause to pull off my suddenly too-warm jacket as I smile and murmur “hot flash”. At the end of my talk, the marketing VP of a major credit card company approaches. “You’re so authentic,” she exclaims. “That really works for your […]

Frances McDormand and my Oscar fantasy: the Unvarnished Truth of Women’s Faces

When Frances McDormand accepted her Golden Globe in January, her dramatic performance in Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri wasn’t the only thing that made her stand out. At a Hollywood party populated by women poured into form-fitting dresses, precariously balancing on pain-inducing stilettos, and sporting elaborate make-up, her comfortable clothing and relative lack of […]

Unconscious Bias and the Right to Bare Arms

Recently I shared the link to a blog post written by a writer whose insights I have often found relevant, useful and supported by research. My 200-character comment suggested that speakers who wanted to be taken seriously should cover up their arms. A minor storm ensued. I regret my failure to review the original study […]

Words Matter: Canada’s anthem finally acknowledges that half our citizens aren’t captured by the term “men”

Eight years ago, I penned the following op ed for the Ottawa Citizen on the occasion of the previous government’s brief flirtation with changing the lyrics of O Canada to include women. I am thrilled that the Senate today passed the bill the House of Commons originally approved in 2016. Thank you Nancy Ruth, Vivienne Poy and […]

5 Resolutions to maintain 2017’s momentum

If 2017 goes down in history as a year of resolve, what will we say about 2018? That we built on the momentum to make lasting change, or that we let the energy dissipate into nothingness? From women’s marches around the world to the #MeToo movement, many people took not just to social media, but […]

What Gets Measured Gets Done campaign puts media on notice, aims to bridge gender gap in Canadian news media by 2025

October 18, Ottawa – In recognition of Persons Day, Informed Opinions launched “What Gets Measured Gets Done”, a national campaign aimed at bridging the gender gap in news and information media. At the official launch, Informed Opinions Catalyst and Founder, Shari Graydon issued a challenge to journalists across Canada. The non-profit project will monitor the […]